The PhD program in German Studies at the University of Waterloo is designed to prepare candidates for a wide range of employment opportunities both within and outside academe. We:

  • offer a dual approach: this innovative program of studies encompasses applied linguistics (sociolinguistics, second language acquisition, computer-assisted language learning) and literature and film studies (literature, film, gender studies, and theory);
  • foster productive independent learning and scholarship. Program participants are encouraged to take an interdisciplinary approach to their studies, during the course of which they will attain a critical knowledge base in both core areas;
  • support professional development and training for academic and non-academic careers alike. And we encourage all graduate students to spend at least a term of study at one of our partner universities in Germany;
  • provide a lively intellectual atmosphere for our students. Guest speakers, colloquia, and conferences are a regular occurrence in our department.

Admission and Program Requirements

  • Admission requirements: we generally expect students to have completed an MA (or equivalent) in German or a closely-related field.  Students applying to the PhD program should be able to demonstrate strong competence in German studies (e.g., the expected overall grade average of an applicant's MA degree should be 78%).
  • Program requirements: during the course of their PhD studies, students will:
    • complete six courses, including a Methods of Research course;
    • pass two qualifying examinations;
    • write a dissertation.

Full details on admission and program requirements can be found in the Graduate Studies Calendar.

Application deadline

February 1st, but we accept applications at any time.