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Anastasia KuzminykhI graduated from Lomonosov Moscow State University with Specialist Degree with honours in clinical psychology and was awarded with qualification of psychologist, clinical psychologist, teacher of psychology. At MSU, my research mainly focused on psychology of aggression and perception of verbal aggressive stimuli.

At some point the interest in language and cultural effects on the personal (ontogenetic) development brought me to the cultural anthropology area, where I was studying what role folklore elements are playing in traditional peasant culture in the processes of psychological development of older preschoolers. Expeditions:

2009 - Villages along the Mezen river, southern coast of the White Sea, Ethnographic


2005 - The east coast of Lake Baikal, Cultural research.

2004 - Varzuga village, Kola Peninsula, the White Sea, Folklore research.

2003 - Altai Mountains, village of Telengit People, Cultural research.

After doing studies in developmental, cognitive, social and clinical psychology and cultural studies to summarise I would say that I am mainly interested in human perception and its interrelations with surrounding world.

Now my main research interests are focused in a bit different side of psychology of perception - in Human Computer Interaction field and Computer-Assisted Language Learning area, where I am currently working with Professor Mat Schulze.

University of Waterloo

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