Gerlinde Weimer-Stuckmann

Graduate Student

Gerlinde Weimer-StuckmannGerlinde Weimer-Stuckmann is a PhD candidate in the Department of Germanic and Slavic Studies at the University of Waterloo. Her research interests are teacher education in foreign language teaching, vocabulary learning and teaching, attrition in bilingual speakers and the use of gestures in language teaching. She has completed her first degree at the University of Bielefeld (Educational Psychology) with a thesis on Second Language Acquisition of Immigrant Workers, followed by a BEd at Concordia University, Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL), a German Speech and Language Pathology Degree and an MA from the University of Victoria. Her MA thesis was titled Second Language Vocabulary Acquisition: Spacing and Frequency of Rehearsals. She has co-authored two articles on vocabulary acquisition. She has been a foreign language teacher both in Canada and Germany for many years and now enjoys the research side of things.J


University of Waterloo

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