PhD German

Kyle ScholzKyle WScholz is a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Germanic and Slavic Studies at the University of Waterloo. His research interests are in applied linguistics, focusing primarily on computer-assisted and digital game-based language learning. His dissertation project examines second language development while playing online computer games in contexts external to the classroom, theorizing digital game-based language learning through complexity theory and sociocultural activity theory.

Kyle has worked as a graduate instructional developer with the Centre for Teaching Excellence at the University of Waterloo where he aids graduate students in improving their teaching through workshop facilitation and classroom observations, and has had the opportunity to teach German language, art and culture courses in both in-class and online settings. Since May 2013 Kyle has become employed full-time at the centre working as a Liaison to the Faculty of Arts.  In this role, Kyle can be called upon by any instructor for assistance with pedagogy or the use of learning technology.

University of Waterloo

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