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Studying German at the University of Waterloo

  • Students in our department gain a deep understanding of the languages, as well as the history, cultural traditions, ideas, and accomplishments of the German-speaking areas of central Europe.
  • We offer courses in German language, culture, film, literature, linguistics, and business German.
  • Students can earn a Minor, General, Honours, and Honours Double Majors B.A. in German. In addition, our department offers a number of interdisciplinary opportunities, for example a minor in Cultural Identities. Students in German are encouraged to select electives from such fields as Applied Language Studies, Dutch, English, Fine Arts, History, Music, Political Science, and Religious Studies.  And students can also earn a Diploma in German Language if they complete any four German language courses, with the exclusion of courses taught in English, and obtain a cumulative average of 70%.

German academic plans / German courses

Studying Russian at the University of Waterloo

  • We offer courses in Russian language as well as the culture of Russia and Eastern Europe.

Russian and East European Studies plans and courses

Croatian and Dutch at the University of Waterloo

  • The department offers elementary and intermediate courses in Croatian as well as courses in Croatian culture. Students can earn a Diploma in Croatian Language.
  • The department offers elementary and intermediate courses in Dutch.

Croatian and Dutch courses and diplomas