German courses

First-year courses

  • If you have no experience with German whatsoever, start out with GER 101 in the fall term, and follow up with GER 102 in the winter term. These courses are taught by energetic professors and instructors, and you'll be surprised how quickly you're able to start speaking and understanding German.
  • If you have some high school experience in German, but didn't take Grade 12 (university preparation) German, start with GER 102.
  • If you graduate high school with Grade 12 (university preparation) German, take GER 201 in the fall term. It uses the same textbook series as GER 101/102, but is slightly more advanced.
  • Students in GER 201 can also take GER 211 at the same time.  This course further develops your reading, writing, and oral skills. If you want to major in German or go on an exchange in Germany, taking GER 201 and 211 in tandem is a great way to prepare!
  • We offer four German language courses - GER 101, 102, 201, 202 - online! The online courses use the same textbooks and materials as the in-class courses. Some students find that their schedule doesn't allow them to take the in-class course, in which case the online version is a great substitute.
  • Interested in German culture but don't want to take a language course? We offer a great first-year course in English: GER 100 (Zeitgeist and Popular Culture). It's all about German culture of today. You don't need any German to take this course (though you will learn a few cool words that make German such an interesting language).  And you'll get a real feel for what life is like in German-speaking Europe. GER 100 is offered in the fall term.

All German courses

Our German courses are organized into four categories: 

  • language
  • junior seminars
  • senior seminar
  • courses on culture, literature, film, and linguistics taught in English

The Schedule of Classes link on the sidebar will give you up-to-date information about the availability of these courses.