The Global Engagement Seminar Program will become known for the selectivity and high quality of all of its participants – fellows, faculty, and students.

Global Engagement Seminar Fellows are selected by the Director in consultation with the Steering Committee and Advisory Council. The Fellows are expected to work collaboratively with the Coordinator and teaching faculty/researchers, in order to facilitate the problem-based projects that students will be working on through the term.

As key facilitators and resident experts, Fellows play key roles in the success of the Global Engagement Seminars. In their exploration of innovative ideas and potential solutions for global problems, Fellows are tasked with sharing their expertise and community-based experiences as advocates, activists and practitioners – in the classroom and the community. They are expected to take an active role in facilitating the Global Engagement seminars in direct collaboration with the faculty; to participate in the Annual Global Engagement Summit, normally held at the end of the teaching term, where the students will be presenting their projects; and to facilitate as well as promote wider discussions on the global issues under examination. While local residency is not required, we do expect fellows to immerse themselves in and to be available to engage with the greater University community during their appointment.

The inaugural Jarislowsky Fellow was Dr. Henry Giroux

Dr. Giroux is the McMaster University Chair for Scholarship in the Public Interest. A public intellectual, Dr. Giroux has been named one of "12 Canadians Changing the Way We Think." 

The 2019 Jarislowsky Fellows are David Jones and Mimi Onuoha.

David Jones is an Executive Producer and Principal Program Manager on Microsoft’s Envisioning Team. He explores how new technologies will impact the way we live and work in 5-10 years and brings ideas to life through experiential prototypes and video.

A 25+ year veteran of the computer industry, David has a rich background in strategic foresight, human-centered design, and product development.  His past projects include Microsoft Excel, the Tablet PC, and Microsoft’s Envisioning Center.

Outside of work, David works with non-profits in the arts, education, and human rights spaces to leverage technology for social impact. He’s also a certified Alpine ski instructor.

David is originally from Montreal, Quebec and holds a B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Waterloo.  He lives with his wife and daughter in Bellevue, Washington.

Mimi Onuoha is a Nigerian-American, Brooklyn-based media artist and researcher. Her work uses code, writing, interventions, and objects to explore missing data, AI-based technologies and the ways in which people are abstracted, represented, and classified.

Mimi has been in residence at Eyebeam Art & Technology Center, Studio XX, the Data & Society Research Institute, Columbia University’s Tow Center, and the Royal College of Art. In 2014 she was selected to be in the inaugural class of Fulbright-National Geographic Digital Storytelling Fellows.

Mimi earned her MPS from NYU Tisch’s Interactive Telecommunications Program, where she is currently a Researcher. In fall 2017 she was a visiting faculty member at Bennington College, and most recently has been named the 2018-19 Creative-in-Residence at Olin College for Engineering.