How to Enroll in Global Engagement Seminar Program ARTS 490

ARTS 490 - The Future of Nature, Winter 2020

Interested to engage with eminent experts, faculty and students from across campus on a real-world project tackling a major global issue? Ready to work beyond the classroom and to host a summit where all seminar participants will present their projects and proposals for resolving major global issues of our time? Apply to be part of the Global Engagement seminar course.

We are looking for

  • Students who want the opportunity to engage in “real world” problem-solving alongside activists, advocates, and practitioners.
  • Students who work well in small groups, are team builders, and who are also self-directed.

Eligibility and selection

Minimum requirements

University of Waterloo students who are in their 3A, 3B, 4A, or 4B terms and who are in good standing are welcome to apply to the Global Engagement Seminar.


Normally, students will be invited to apply for entry into the seminar at least two terms in advance of the date in which the course is going to be offered. For example, in the spring term for a winter term course offering, or in the fall term for a spring term offering.

All applications will be reviewed by committee, which will normally be composed of the Global Engagement Studies Seminar and two faculty members who have been assigned to the course.

Important application information

  1. All students who are interested in the 2020 Global Engagement Seminar on the Future of Nature must submit an application package. Qualifying students may also be invited to an interview with a panel of professors. Students who have been selected for the seminar will be normally notified within 3 weeks of the closing date for applications.
  2. Application packages must include the following: (a) a completed application form, (b) a 500-word Statement of Interest, (c) a current resume, and (d) a current unofficial transcript.
  3. Please submit completed application packages online. As of November 25, 2019, we are accepting applications on a rolling basis until the class reaches its cap.

Application Form