Truth and Lies in AI

Bias in the Black Box interactive exhibit

We all know about “fake news.” Most of us think we can tell the difference. After all, we keep informed, or at least try to. But what are our sources of information? How reliable are they? If the internet is involved, you already know that a high dose of skepticism is necessary. So how can we know for sure that we’re getting the truth?

AI at Work

AI Will You Work Exhibit

“What does the future of work look like in a world of technological advancement?” 

Machine Learning Bias

Explaining Bias with Music Exhibit

Do you remember the excitement of looking through hundreds of records in a record store and finding the one hidden gem? Your favourite band or something new that you can’t wait to unwrap and listen to? Now we have Spotify. It’s cheap, convenient and provides an almost unlimited amount of music any time you have your phone on you. Which is obviously always. 

Project Matthias

Project Matthias Room Exhibit

Entering room 143 at the Balsillie School of International Affairs was like stepping back in time. The wall covered with a larger than life Star Wars poster, more like wallpaper, really. The jar of multi-coloured gumballs on the desk, next to the Buzz Lighyear toy and Ironman comics. A boombox waiting to play your favourite cassette tapes. The tiny tube TV on the old wooden dresser next to the single cot. The lava lamp.