PhD candidate

Head shot of Lucy HintonLucy Hinton is a PhD student and doctoral fellow in the University of Waterloo's Global Governance program at Balsillie School of International Affairs. Lucy’s dissertation is focused on an investigation of food culture change in Costa Rica. Using a mixed-methods approach, she is interested in the dynamics of food culture change in the Global South’s nutrition transition. Using a food regime theoretical framework, Lucy applies the notion of both a corporate food regime and the prevalence of ‘the empty calorie’ to her work, concentrating on the Ticos’ perceptions of dietary change and the influence of corporate Big Food. 

Prior to coming to the BSIA, Lucy has worked in a number of fields. She worked as a project management coordinator for the Guelph to Goderich Rail Trail. She has also lived and worked in Kathmandu, Nepal, assisting a local forestry and agriculture organization. This work helped her move into her Master’s research in Halifax, NS, which focused on a group of ethnically Nepali Bhutanese refugees and their use of a community food garden to improve both social integration and dietary integration into Canadian society.

University of Waterloo

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