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Opening the door to innovation – and boldly walking through


The University of Waterloo is shaping the future by tackling global challenges that will impact our world for generations. We recognize the future holds tremendous challenges with far-reaching implications. This Global Impact Report demonstrates how our faculty, students, staff and alumni are having an impact on five global issues.

People want and deserve access to education and freedom from discrimination. They also want to participate in economic growth. In Prosperity and Scarcity, we examine how technology and policy play important roles in creating prosperity globally. Next-Generation Computing is here at Waterloo – from quantum computing to nanotechnology and cybersecurity, Waterloo continues to be at the forefront of this sector.

As we enter a new age of machine intelligence, researchers are pushing the frontiers of Human-Machine Interaction. Waterloo researchers are developing technologies and systems that are making an impact on our lives today. We are asking the fundamental questions about how machines are affecting our health, well-being, economy and relationships. In Climate Resilience and Natural Wonders, we are exploring the implications of living in the warmest period in the history of civilization. While we work to address the challenges of climate change, we are also unlocking the great mysteries of our universe. In Healthy Aging, we focus on the fact that while the world’s older population continues to grow at an unprecedented rate, Waterloo researchers are looking at technological, scientific and policy changes that will help us all age well.

This Global Impact Report captures a moment in time – and we are adding to this impact every day. With a culture of curiosity, exploration, risk-taking, entrepreneurship, global stewardship and leadership, the University of Waterloo has become the doorway through which the world finds solutions to the challenges that lie ahead.

President Feridun Hamdullahpur



The lines on this page depict the sound waves created as I read aloud from Toward a Shared Vision of Our Future, a document that outlines key initiatives that will guide the future of the University of Waterloo. These lines are the shape of my vision, just one element of our collective future. The laws of physics tell us that the further you are from the source of a sound wave, the lower its intensity. So, we need people on every continent who have been touched by Waterloo to add their voices and amplify what they know of our unique culture. Together, we must raise our voices and apply our talents to the great challenges of the day so that people around the world can hear and benefit from the sound of innovation.