President's Message

Harnessing curiosity, capability and drive to shape our future


The University of Waterloo has been at the forefront of discovery, learning and impact over the past six decades.

We recognize that our world is changing at an ever-increasing rate and this age of disruption is reshaping our world. The Global Impact Report is a glimpse at how our exceptional students, faculty and alumni are finding solutions for the challenges posed by the forces of disruption to create a better, more prosperous future for everyone.

Continued strife and political conflict found throughout the world has forced millions of people to leave their homes, but the rise of nationalism is hampering the movement of vulnerable populations. These themes of Prosperity and Scarcity are being met head on by Waterloo researchers and entrepreneurs who are influencing policy makers right now.

President Feridun Hamdullahpur


The next evolution of computation is happening at the University of Waterloo whether it's the continued expansion of blockchain technology or the pioneering work on quantum computing. Next-Generation Computing will come to define how our world operates from banking to infrastructure and transportation.

Artificial intelligence, robotics and the broader world of Human-Machine Interaction is already altering the face of our world through the development of new cancer treatments and the changing face of the workplace. How we refine and leverage these discoveries will save lives and the opportunities this technology and research creates is being explored right now at Waterloo.

Climate and National Wonders is not simply the research of climate change and the fundamental building blocks of our universe. It is an exploration of how we adapt to these changes in the short term to continue living our lives on an essential level and what can be done to make long-term gains in reversing the damage that has already been done.

In Canada, and many other nations, our populations are aging in unprecedented numbers. How we care for those with dementia, depression and loneliness, and the prevention of age-related falls will change the lives of millions. Healthy Aging is at the crossroads of science, medicine, policy and technology, and University of Waterloo researchers and entrepreneurs are meeting the current and future needs of our aging populations where they need it.

There is no doubt that the challenges our world faces in an era of disruptive technology and socioeconomic forces will shape the rest of our lives, as well as future generations. The University of Waterloo is a critical hub for the talent, discoveries and innovations needed by our changing world.