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Hiring New Team Members for SPRING 2018

Monday, March 26, 2018

The Graduate House seeks passionate and enthusiastic individuals to join our SPRING 2018 team.

Are you passionate about hospitality service? Are you enthusiastic about serving our community? Can you work regular weekly shifts (3.5 -7 hour shift duration) 1-2 days per week?

If so, send a detailed email to Henry Ensley and use “Graduate House Positions SPRING 2018” as the subject line.

In your email, answer ALL of the following questions:

1) Are you legally eligible to work on campus?

2) Are you enrolled in uWaterloo graduate studies for SPRING 2018? If not, please describe any connection you might have with uWaterloo graduate student culture (ie. spouse/partner in Grad School etc....)

3) Why do you want to work at the Graduate House?

4) What are your plans for the next year, and how long can you envision working at the Graduate House?

5) Do you have restaurant work experience? If so, please describe.

6) Do you have janitorial, housekeeping and/or service work experience? If so, please describe.

7) Do you have experience with special events, marketing, party planning, or advertising? If so, please describe. 

8) Are you interested in working in a cleaning/housekeeping position?

9) Are you interested in working in a kitchen/food preparation role?

10) Are you interested in working in a cashier position?

11) Describe your most difficult/problematic work experience. How did you manage the situation?

12) If you are hired, what expectations do you have?

13) What special/unique contributions could you bring to the SPRING 2018 Graduate House team?

14) Can you carry a 50lb box up and down a flight of stairs?

15) Are you available to work regular weekly hours during the entire SPRING 2018 term, starting Mon. April 30 and ending after Fri. Aug. 17?

16) If you are hired, please describe any potential work scheduling conflicts/challenges we might encounter. Please elaborate on possible solutions you would incorporate to overcome these conflicts/challenges.

17) Interviews may take place on April 4, 5, 6, 9, 10, 11, 12 and 13. What days/dates/times work best for you to schedule an interview?

18) Our SPRING 2018 schedule begins Mon. April 30 2018. When are you available to start working?

Only qualified applicants will be contacted for an interview.

Candidates with Cleaning/Housekeeping/Restaurant/Cooking/Food Service experience are strongly preferred.

Job offers will be sent after interview sessions are complete. Training shifts begin ASAP on/after April. 30 2018.

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