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NOW HIRING: GH Events Coordinator 2017-2018

Thursday, July 27, 2017

The Graduate House seeks dynamic leaders to apply for the casual position of Graduate House Events Coordinator (August 2017- August 2018).

JOB DESCRIPTION: job_description-events_co-ordinator_2017.pdf

Are you passionate about the Graduate House? Do you have the skills and experience to deliver grad-student focused programming?

If so, please send a detailed email to Henry Ensley and use “Graduate House Events Coordinator 2017” as the subject line. Please attach your resume, and answer ALL the following questions:

1) Are you legally eligible to work on campus?

2) Are you enrolled in uWaterloo graduate studies in FALL 2017? If not, describe your connection with uWaterloo graduate student culture (ie. past work/volunteer experience, spouse/partner in Grad School etc....)

3) Why do you want to organize/promote events at the Graduate House?

4) What is the single most important quality/principle of genuine leadership? How did you practice this principle/quality in past work/volunteer experience?

4) What are your aspirations for the next year, and how do you envision this role contributing to your career/life plans?

5) Do you have restaurant/bar/hospitality work experience? If so, please describe:

6) Do you have work/volunteer experience with special events, marketing, party planning, and/or advertising? If so, please describe:

7) Describe your most difficult/problematic work experience. How did you manage the situation?

8) Are you familiar with Graduate House events? If so, please describe your most and least favourite GH event:

9) How do you define/describe your social network? What social media platforms do you use?

10) Are you familiar with Graduate House online marketing? If so, please list our online platforms and indicate general “content style” for each:

11) What percentage (roughly) of your social network are uWaterloo graduate students? How many (roughly) graduate departments are represented in your social network?

12) Could you organize an event at the Graduate House, with 2 weeks to plan/promote, with a guaranteed attendance of 30-50 graduate students? If so, please describe critical details of your plan:

13) Interviews may take place August 8, 9, 10 and 11. What days/dates/times work best for you to schedule an interview?

14) What is the earliest date in August 2017 that you could potentially start in the role?

Application Deadline: Friday August 4, 5:00 pm.

Candidates with relevant experience/skills are strongly preferred.

Will respond to qualified applicants ONLY to schedule interviews.

If invited for an interview, please prepare the following materials:

1) A brief written strategy for volunteer recruitment/onboarding/scheduling/recognition

2) Printed samples of your advertising/marketing work and a verbal description of your creative process

3) Examples of your past social networking endeavours and a verbal critique/evaluation of Graduate House social networking efforts

4) A written budget for the event you describe in question #12 and verbal remarks on attendance projections (ie. how does one guarantee grad student attendance at an event?)

5) 5 written examples of weekly events that you would enjoy organizing/promoting at the Graduate House- include realistic attendance projections as well as critical event details.

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Hours of Operation

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