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Club Registration Form

Graduate Student Association University of Waterloo crest.Graduate Student Clubs

Graduate students are eligible to apply for recognition by the GSA of a social or academic club. Recognized clubs are eligible to receive GSA administrative and financial support.

Recognition Privileges

Clubs must apply for recognition every term.  Clubs must file an update to their registration file whenever their organizers change.

Recognized clubs may be eligible to:

  • Receive up to $200 from the GSA per fiscal year;
  • Access additional funding by submitting a proposal for a Graduate Student Initiative;
  • Promote their initiatives through the GSA’s E-News, Social Media, and Website; (Contact the GSA Office to submit a request);
  • Use the GSA Logo. Approval is required for each use; (Contact the GSA Office to submit a request)
  • Request other kinds of support.

Use of club privileges will be reviewed and may be approved by the Student Affairs Officer and the Communications & Marketing Officer

How to Apply

  • Apply by completing the following form.

Timeline and Decision

  • Requests for recognition will be reviewed and may be approved by the Social Advisory Committee of Council.

Right to Rescind Offer

  • The GSA reserves the right to rescind recognition of a club and/or any offer of funding at any time and for any reason, such as on discovery of any material misrepresentation by the applicant.

Information and privacy: questions regarding the collection of information on this form can be directed to the form administrator.

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Explain the value of this club to graduate students. How will it enhance the quality of their social or academic experience?
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Describe the role and responsibilities of each organizer involved in this club.
Report any potential or perceived risks and measures put in place to mitigate such risks.
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