How is the Graduate Student Association (GSA-UW) Structured?

GSA Members

  • Approximately 5000 graduate students in total registered per term.
  • Attend and vote at Annual General Meeting, General Meetings, and referenda.

Council of Representatives

  • Social and political body of the GSA representing all graduate students to UWaterloo.
  • One representative from each academic department (voting).
  • At-large councilors (non-voting) –various representation i.e. special interest groups, graduate student senator, etc.
  • Council Representative nomination form

Board of Directors

  • Governing body of the corporation GSA-UW
  • Oversees the operations of the corporation (GSA-UW)
  • Accountable to members and compliant with corporate law
  • Six directors ex-officio are appointed by the Board (Executives)

Executive Directors

President (PDF)

Vice President (PDF)

Student Affairs Officer (PDF)

External Affairs Officers (2) (PDF)

Communications & Marketing Officer (PDF)

Additional Officers as determined by the Board (as needed, based on annual review of operations)

GSA Staff

  • General Manager
    • Serves as Secretary-Treasurer (ongoing permanent appointment to a full-time staff member)
    • reports to and serves as a resource to the Board
  • Graduate House Manager
  • Graduate House Staff
  • GSA Administrative Assistant (PDF)