Board of Directors

Current Directors

Executive Directors - Term ending April 2017

Robert Bruce, President

Jessica Brake, Vice President

Norman Kearney, Student Affairs Officer

Indi Madar, Communications & Marketing Officer

Sondra Eger, External Affairs Officer (Canadian Alliance of Student Associations - CASA)

Max Salman, External Affairs Officer (Ontario Graduate Students' Alliance - OGSA)

Directors - Term ending April 2017

Shannon Callender  (resigned March 2017)

Savio D'Silva

Ghazal Memartoluie

Robert Pangborn

Christopher Pugh

Directors - Term ending April 2018

Jae Kang

Serxho Selmani

Michael Cao

About the Board of Directors

Directors are elected by graduate students each year at the GSA Annual General Meeting held in the Winter term. The Board is responsible for overseeing corporate interests of the Graduate Student Association.

The Board of Directors is governed by the GSA Bylaws and may consist of ten to fifteen Directors, made up of elected Directors and appointed Executives who serve on the Board ex officio

All Directors must be University of Waterloo graduate students and members of the GSA. The Board appoints a director to serve as the Chair of the Board.

Contact: Christopher Pugh, Board Chair