GSA Board Committees

On May 11, 2016, the GSA-UW Board of Directors (Board) approved the Terms of Reference for the Finance Committee, Audit and Risk Committee, and Governance Committee.  These three committees were initiated as standing committees of the Board.

The following appointment to the committees' memberships were approved on May 31, 2016 by the Board.

GSA Board Committees
Finance Committee    
  Jae Kang (Chair) April 2017
  Michael Cao April 2017
  Savio D'Silva April 2017
  Robert Pangborn April 2018
  Serxho Selmani April 2018
Governance Committee      
  Christopher Pugh (Chair) April 2017

Jae Kang

April 2017
  Ghazal Memartoluie April 2017
  Savio D'Silva April 2017
Audit and Risk Committe       
  Ghazal Memartoluie (Chair)  April 2017
  Rob Rangborn April 2017
  Shannon Callender April 2017