GSA 2018 Elected Directors

Congratulations to our elected Directors.

Join us in welcoming our newest directors to the GSA Board. 

Arash Ahmadi

Emily Cyr portrait.Emily Cyr

As a PhD candidate in Psychology, I am devoted to three broad aims: academic research, mentorship and knowledge translation, and service to my community.

Through my local and international research collaborations, I investigate how objective and subjective social network structures impact goal pursuit. I also help train undergraduates by running department-wide ethics workshops and mentoring several Honours thesis students per year.

But most pertinently, I am a passionate and vocal member the graduate student community. As president of my departmental GSA, I programmed the TA assignment algorithm, steered guidelines on supervisor-supervisee relations, and represented graduate students in appointing the next departmental Chair. As a GSA Councilor, I have emphatically represented the needs of my constituents - through Council, the Senate Graduate Research Council, and the Graduate Affairs Group.

If elected, I will diligently serve our community to the best of my ability.

Julia Goyal protrait.Julia Goyal

I am a second year Masters student in the School of Public Health and Health Systems (SPHHS). My research focuses on the health and safety of Airbnb hosts and guests.

Since my time at University of Waterloo, I have been very much involved in the student community. I am the current Coordinator of the Graduate Students Endowment Fund that allocates $30,000 for by-student for-student projects every year. I am also serving on the SPHHS GSA as co-president as well as a graduate student representative on both the UW Senate and Board of Governors. For the past two years, I have served on GSA Council, sitting on the Council Strategic Planning Committee, Equity Policy Drafting Committee, Council Executive Committee, Graduate Student Relations Committee and Policy 40 Committee. I also chaired the Council Working Reform Group that prepared a summary report to advise the Board of Directors on some decisions. Through this capacity, I have kept abreast of UW’s governing policies, procedures and guidelines.

I love student governance and bringing issues affecting UW students to the forefront. I am passionate about representing graduate students. If elected, I will continue to do my best and contribute towards improving the graduate student experience here at Waterloo.

Amanda Joynt outdoors wears a brimmed hat.Amanda Joynt:

I am a 3rd year PhD Candidate in the Department of Geography and Environmental Management. Since April 2017, I have sat on the Board of Directors for the GSA. My strengths as a Board Director are conflict resolution and facilitation, as well as human resources management. These strengths require strong communication, critical thinking, and openness. I believe I have shown these skills in the past year as the GSA goes through organisational change, and I wish to continue this work for a further year. 

Graham Mayberry portrait.Graham Mayberry:

I am a PhD student in Kinesiology studying Biomechanics, with a focus on furthering our understanding of mechanisms related to the development of low back pain. It is my goal to take my research and effect change through modifications in workplace design and lifestyle.

I am passionate about representing graduate students here at Waterloo. I have sat on my departmental executive council (KGSA) as GSA representative and as the president of the KGSA. These experiences have offered me great insight into administrative processes and, more importantly, the needs of the graduate students. As KGSA President, we made a concerted effort to create a better community by getting the highest turnout in years to our events and conducting a comprehensive survey to explore financial, academic, and social needs. I believe in a transparent government and data-driven improvements.  I look forward to serving Waterloo graduates and working hard to improve their experience.   

Nick Revington portrait.Nicholas Revington

As a PhD Candidate in the School of Planning, I currently represent graduate planners on the Faculty of Environment Council. In my previous role as PhD Representative for the Association of Graduate Planners, I co-led a successful campaign to have the department’s graduate leadership award more appropriately reflect students’ contributions on and off campus. As an executive of GEOGRADS at Concordia University during my master’s degree, I was part of a team responsible for incorporating the organization. This lay the groundwork for formal recognition as a student group under provincial law and the creation of a federation representing graduate and undergraduate students in geography, urban and environmental studies. I have also served on the board of The Ontarion, the University of Guelph’s student newspaper. If elected, I look forward to bringing this experience to GSA-UW and working with my fellow board members in service of all graduate students.

Portrait of Rebecca Stirling.Rebecca Stirling

My goal is to advance the board’s vision for the GSA by helping develop broad policy based on shared values.  Healthy dialogue that respectfully shares diverse opinions is the key to achieving this.  Currently I am an Earth and Environmental Sciences masters’ candidate, and also review projects for the GSEF and coach Special Olympics athletes.  At my undergraduate university, I served as treasurer and president for clubs and associations.  During the first year of an industry-operations start-up, I developed safety and performance monitoring programs using a proactive and constructive approach.  I also empowered team leads to reach their prescribed ends through their own means.  My experience will serve the GSA well as is moves through changes in the coming year.  Strong leadership is needed to provide global direction for long-term goals; in me, you will get a collaborative, curious professional accountable to you, and dedicated to fostering a positive atmosphere.

Territorial Acknowledgement

We, the Graduate Student Association - University of Waterloo, acknowledge that we live and work on the traditional territory of ‎ the Attawandaron (Neutral), Anishinaabeg and Haudenosaunee peoples. The University of Waterloo is situated on the Haldimand Tract, the land promised to the Six Nations that includes ten kilometers on each side of the Grand River. 

Final Report on Student Mental Health

Final Report on Student Mental Health.