GSEF Funding

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The Graduate Studies Endowment Fund (GSEF) exists to support improvements in the graduate student experience at the University of Waterloo. All registered graduate students make a refundable contribution of $20 per term. Half of this money goes to the capital fund, while the other half is spent on four programs. These are: projects, research travel assistantships, doctoral thesis completion awards, and support for the annual Graduate Studies Research Conferences. For more information on these programs, including application forms and to find out how to obtain a refund, please visit

GSEF is run by graduate student volunteers. To find out how you can get involved, or if you have any other questions regarding the fund, please contact the coordinator at gsef [at]

The deadline to apply for Winter 2017 is Tuesday, February 28th, 2017 at noon.

GSEF important dates

  • The GSEF refund is available for the first three weeks of class each term.  Please check their website for specific dates.