Jessica Brake

GSA Vice President

Portrait of Jessica Brake.Jessica Brake is currently enrolled in a Masters of Arts in the department of Recreation and Leisure studies. Her research focuses on Interorganizational Relationships between non-profit sport organizations and municipalities. In particular, she is examining how municipal leisure service departments can develop strategic partnerships with non-profit sport organizations in a way that is socially innovative, and serves the community through the delivery of sport.

Jessica has been involved within a graduate student association on campus. Specifically, she has worked with GARLS which is the graduate student association of recreation and leisure studies. Jessica served as a member of GARLS, and held the position of Co-Chair for the annual GARLS research symposium.

Jessica decided to become involved with the GSA because she recognized the important role that it has in the lives of graduate students at UW both socially and academically. Many of the valued services that the GSA offers also match Jessica’s interests in meaningful service delivery.

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