Elections and Referenda

The GSA hosts online elections for:

  • GSA Councillors for departments without an association
  • GSA Councillors for departmental associations (if requested)
  • executives for a newly forming departmental associations

If you would like to request that the GSA run one or more elections for your departmental association, the following information is required. Send it to the Student Affairs Officer. Please provide at least three weeks for the set-up of the ballot.  

  • A description of exactly who is eligible to vote (which departments/programs? both full and part time? check your constitution and bylaws!)
  • The start and end dates and times for voting. 
  • The title of each position, start and end dates of the term of office, and the list of candidates.
  • For each candidate - their name, a picture, a personal statement, and optionally a link to their webpage or election webpage. You may instead provide a link to your association website with the same candidate information.
  • Any other information that should be displayed (e.g. link to your departmental GSA’s website).

The Student Affairs Officer will announce the ballot link to all eligible voters.