Graduate Student Initiatives Funding

Graduate students are eligible to apply for funding for social or academic initiatives such as a reception, a workshop, a panel, a guest lecture, hosting a conference for graduate students, etc.

To be eligible, funding proposals must be submitted through one the following recognized parties:

  • A GSA recognized graduate student association at the faculty, department, or program level;
  • A social committee, consisting of three or more active-status graduate students, formed for the purpose of submitting a proposal for a graduate student initiative.


The GSA will consider funding for academic initiatives and social initiatives:

  • Up to 100% of any proposal costing up to $500;
  • Up to 50% of the next $500 of the proposal;
  • Up to 25% of any additional amount of the proposal.
  • Proposal applicants that are offered funding by the GSA must provide itemized receipts in order to be reimbursed. 
  • Funds offered by the GSA must be used in the term that they are offered.

How to Apply

  • Apply by completing the Graduate Student Initiatives form.
  • Members who opt-out of the Social Initiatives fee are NOT eligible to apply for GSI funding for social events. 
  • The GSA will call for proposals up to three times per term.  Plan to submit your proposal according the schedule.
  • The deadline for submitting a proposal will normally be two weeks from the call for proposals.
  • Please submit your proposal by NOON
Call for proposals-opening Deadline for proposal submission by
12:00 p.m. (Noon)
Period of Call for Graduate Student Initiatives Proposals
January 6, 2020 January 20, 2020
February 1, 2020 February 15, 2020
March 1, 2020 March 15, 2020

Timeline and Decision

  • Proposals that are submitted before the deadline may be offered funding within two to four weeks.
  • Late proposals will not be considered but may be re-submitted through the next call for proposals.

Right to Rescind Offer

  • The GSA reserves the right to rescind any offer of funding at any time and for any reason.

Effective Fall 2019, members who opt-out of the Social Initiatives fee are NOT eligible to apply for GSI funding for social events.