Income Tax Aid

GSA Income Tax Aid Clinic

This income tax aid consultation is free for graduate students registered this term (GSA members). The Tax Aid Clinics are held only in March and April each year to help graduate students learn how to complete their income tax return forms.  The GSA does not provide a tax filing service.

A Tax Seminar is held for general information each March. Join us for this walk-in seminar. It is free! it will provide an overview of the income tax return submission process.

Tax Aid Seminar date will be posted for March 2017.

Personal Consultations

Consultations with the GSA Accountant are scheduled approximately once a week in late March and April prior to the deadline for submitting income tax returns on April 30th.

For a consultation, please submit the GSA Tax Aid request form.  

Appointments are made on a first-come, first-served basis and you will be booked for the next available appointment once you submit your request.

Tax Aid consultations will resume in March-April 2017.