The program information below was valid for the fall 2016 term (September 1, 2016 - December 31, 2016). This is the archived version; the most up-to-date program information is available through the current Graduate Studies Academic Calendar.

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  • Delivery mode 
    • On-campus
  • Program type 
    • Diploma
  • Study option(s) 
  • Minimum requirements 
    • The GDip in Management Sciences (in collaboration with the Department of Management Sciences) is earned in conjunction with the Master of Engineering (MEng) in Electrical and Computer Engineering program.

    Coursework option:

  • Courses 
    • Students can augment their technical knowledge gained from the courses in Electrical and Computer Engineering, with a broad perspective on technology management concepts. The students can learn about production and inventory management or economic concepts in management, organizational behaviour, or even senior management principles.
    • To receive the GDip in Management Sciences, students must successfully complete 1 compulsory course and 3 elective courses.
      • Compulsory course:
        • ECE 602 Introduction to Optimization
      • Elective courses (choose 3 from the following list):
        • MSCI 602 Strategic Management Technology
        • MSCI 605 Organizational Theory & Behaviour
        • MSCI 607 Applied Economics for Management
        • MSCI 632 Discrete Event Simulation
        • MSCI 633 Production and Inventory Management
        • MSCI 638 Information Systems Analysis and Design
        • MSCI 646 Database Management Systems
        • MSCI 712 Decision Analysis Under Uncertainty
    • Note: Electrical and Computer Engineering MEng requirements allow for only 3 courses to be taken outside the Department.
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