Course subject: Graduate Studies (GS)

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Graduate Studies (GS) 901 Preparing for University Teaching (0.00) LEC

Course ID: 009116
Students will be required to attend six workshops, including two mandatory ones from TRACE (Course Design and Understanding the Learner), with a written report following the two required workshops plus reports on two more workshops. The department or faculty TA orientation session, if offered, could be included as one of the six workshops.

Graduate Studies (GS) 902 Preparing for an Academic Career (0.00) LEC

Course ID: 010330
Students will be required to complete two projects: a research project and a teaching dossier. To assist in the preparation of these projects, students must attend one workshop and one consultation session for each project. Reaserch projects may take the form of a presentation and paper, a mini-workshop, or a poster presentation with supporting documentation.

Graduate Studies (GS) 903 Teaching Practicum (0.00) PRA

Course ID: 009117
Students will be required to teach at least three times (lecture, lab, tutorial, or presentation) and receive written feedback from an observer (arranged through TRACE). Students also must provide a reflective report after each observation. (At least one event must be a large lecture.) All work must be deemed acceptable by TRACE evaluators in order for students to pass each component. More specific guidelines and requirements for each component of the Certificate are available electronically at: