Application Instructions

Download the application form here. This is an electronic application; once complete, it should be emailed to the GSEF Coordinator, Julia Goyal. The document should be saved as a .pdf file before sending.

The receipt of your application will be confirmed by email within 24 hours. Applications that are submitted to the coordinator ahead of the deadline will be reviewed and returned if there are important elements missing.

Applications are reviewed by a committee made up of representatives from each Faculty at uWaterloo. You must indicate on the application form if there are any potential conflicts of interest. The Project Review Committee may contact you with follow-up questions relating to your application.

If your project is approved, you must follow accounting guidelines (e.g. providing receipts for expenditures), please see our Spending your award page or contact the Treasurer, Betty Xing, if you have any questions. Awarded funds must be used for the purpose originally indicated in the application. You should consult your department’s finance officer for assistance should you wish for the university to order items on your group’s behalf and utilize internal accounting; in this case the GSEF account can be billed directly for the applicable expenditures.

Plan Early! Contacting procurement services incurs some delay, and obtaining departmental support can also take time.

Ask Questions! Contact the GSEF coordinator, or the project review committee members from your faculty to get general advice on preparing funding applications. Do this well in advance of the deadline.

Avoid common errors! Common mistakes that applicants make include: failing to approach their department for support, submitting an application without a detailed budget, poor writing quality or unclear explanations, asking GSEF to fund luxury items (flat-screen TVs, espresso machines etc.) or asking for all or most of the $10,000 GSEF has allocated per term. You may also want to learn from previously rejected applications that your student representatives submitted to avoid making similar mistakes.