Award of Excellence in Graduate Supervision 2005-2006

Richard Hughson - Kinesiology

Prof. Hughson is acclaimed by his colleagues and students, both former and present, for the creation of a research environment that both provides the best for, and demands the most of, the graduate students within the group. His impressive research facility attracts outstanding students from around the world, and upon graduation, disperses them just as widely. His ability to be “rigourous without being intimidating” as well as his nurturing a research environment where ideas are generated and challenged in a thorough and collegial manner are particular strengths noted by the many former students who supported his nomination. His close personal contact and impression on these students is evident in the extent of their close connection to him, and their words of utmost praise and respect, even years after graduation.

Arokia Nathan - Electrical and Computer Engineering

Prof. Nathan’s record in graduate supervision is one marked with distinction. As the supervisor of three winners of the NSERC Doctoral Prize since the award was established in 1992, he is the most successful NSERC-funded mentor in Canada. Despite the large number of students he supervises, both current and former students, applaud the time he takes with his students, directing them carefully in their scholarly pursuits and ensuring their research is the best it can be. His emphasis on teamwork, and his diligence in sending his students to present their own work at important international conferences stand out in the minds of his students as key elements of his exemplary supervisory style. Every student, whether former or current, who supported his nomination was particularly struck by his deep concern for every aspect of their welfare.

Frank Tompa - Computer Science

No one has supervised more graduate students in Computer Science than Prof. Tompa, a feat in itself when you consider the size of the School. However, to have received letters of support from most of those students is a clear indication of the very positive and personal impact he had on each one of his students. All of his students made note of his care and diligence in helping each of them select a research topic, and of the importance he placed on their selection rather than his. His former students have been highly successful, and each one of them emulate Prof. Tompa’s mentoring style with their own research group.

Mark Zanna - Psychology

One of Prof. Zanna’s nomination letters noted that he “is a distinguished scholar... the quality of his scholarship is perhaps nowhere more evident than in his outstanding supervision of graduate students.” The committee concurred, except for the presence of “perhaps” in the quote. As a supervisor to 28 PhD students, 26 of whom hold academic appointments, as the editor of The Complete Academic, a professional guide to graduate students and young faculty in launching their careers, and as the only Canadian to be recognized as an outstanding mentor to graduate students with the American Psychological Association’s Raymond D. Fowler Award, he has established a very high standard in graduate supervision.

All winners of the Award of Excellence in Graduate Supervision