Waterloo is among the top 20 startup ecosystems in the world. We are home to some of Canada's largest tech companies, global think tanks, and innovation hubs, with brands like Google and Shopify making the move to Waterloo. Our city has an entrepreneurial spirit that continues to propel us in the creation and development of new ideas.

Not only is Waterloo home to an array of startups and tech giants, we have a vibrant food scene, from farmer's markets to incredibe craft breweries. We have great live music and amazing restaurants from farm-to-table to vegan cafes, old-school diners, and delicious tacos!

There is so much to do in our region; we've got Christmas markets, food festivals, and the world-famous Kitchener Blues Festival. We also host the world's largest Oktoberfest, outside of Munich, Germany.

Waterloo has small town vibes, and is surrounded by beautiful countryside, but offers so much in the heart of the city.