Spring 2021 new student information

Spring term updates

On January 19, the University of Waterloo confirmed dates and approach for the spring 2021 term. Of importance:

  • the spring term was announced to start one week later than planned, on May 10 (instead of May 3)
  • The university confirmed plans to continue with primarily online learning and instruction, with some courses, activities and supports available in person

Please review the full memo for additional details.

Waterloo Grad Ready – Graduate student orientation and transition programming

As a new student beginning a program in the spring 2021 term, you will have access to Waterloo Grad Ready – a virtual transition and orientation program to support you as you begin your graduate program.

Launching on March 22, Waterloo Grad Ready will offer you a suite of resources to prepare you for graduate studies at the University of Waterloo, including:

  • a spring 2021 new student checklist;
  • resources to help you transition to graduate life at the University of Waterloo; and
  • live sessions to welcome you to the University and support your ongoing graduate experience.

Waterloo Grad Ready will be delivered through UWaterloo’s online learning management system, LEARN. A full schedule of online programming and live events will be available to you in LEARN, when the program launches.

Access to Waterloo Grad Ready - spring 2021

New graduate students who have received or accepted an offer of admission for the spring 2021 term by March 17 will be granted access to LEARN , and the Waterloo Grad Ready spring 2021 community, on March 22. You will receive an email when you have access.

New graduate students who receive offers of admission for the spring 2021 term after March 17 will be added to LEARN and to Waterloo Grad Ready on a weekly basis. You will receive an email when you are able to access Waterloo Grad Ready.

If you’ve never accessed LEARN before, watch our short instructional video:

Important dates for spring 2021

As you prepare for the beginning of the term, be sure to familiarize yourself with the important dates for spring 2021. All important dates can be found in the graduate studies important dates calendar.

Make note of the following dates, as they are particularly important: