Prior to registering for the 3MT

Once you have completed steps 1-6 you are ready to register to compete in the 3MT!

Steps to be completed prior to 3MT registration
Step number What to do Why
1 Confirm the eligibility, confidentiality and intellectual intellectual property regulations

Don't go too far before you confirm that you're eligible to compete, and that you don't mind appearing on YouTube!

2 Review the presentation rules and judging criteria It is a good idea to keep these components in mind as you are preparing your presentation.
3 Confirm that you are available for the key dates of the competition Make sure that you are available for the date of your faculty-based heat,  the university-wide final and the Ontario provincial competition. Who knows how far you'll go!
4 Review the frequently asked questions (FAQ's) You may find an answer for your questions by reviewing our FAQ's.
5 Check out the 3MT support and resources 3MT competitors are supported in a variety of ways by partners across campus. You are not alone! Tap into the resources.
6 Chat with your supervisor

Have a conversation with your supervisor to determine if you are at a stage in your research when you can clearly articulate the impact, or anticipated results.