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The University of Waterloo, Canada’s most innovative University for the past 28 years, is globally renowned for its cutting-edge academic programming and its transformative and impactful research. Waterloo’s research community includes 30+ University Research Centres and Institutes and Senate-Approved Centres and Institutes, supported by over 1,300 faculty members and 400 postdoctoral fellows.

The University’s external partnerships, including private sector support for research, are among the strongest in Canada, spurred in part by the University’s intellectual property policy and commitment to research commercialization. The Region of Waterloo, where the University is located, is central to southwestern Ontario’s Innovation corridor, home to the second highest density of startups and entrepreneurial activity in North America. 

The exceptional AMTD postdocs recruited to the University of Waterloo through the Fellowship will have unparalleled opportunities to produce transformative outcomes and support the development of novel talent.

Successful scholars will:

  • Receive mentorship from University of Waterloo’s senior, exceptional researchers and industry leaders;
  • Accelerate the conception and conduct of impactful, transformative research;
  • Liaise with practitioners to empower students with transferable knowledge, skills, and the capacity to adapt to dynamic economic and social challenges;
  • Explore new opportunities for application of research and commercialization, leading to new entrepreneurial ventures;
  • Engage in the delivery of world-class education, within and beyond the academy;
  • Act as mentors to students and young scholars;
  • Drive a disruptive educational agenda that empowers students and young scholars to identify, describe, define and address complex contemporary problems;
  • Generate and immerse within talent networks that will accelerate the creation of uniquely qualified and equipped teams of global talent to the betterment of the economy and society.

To ensure that AMTD postdocs will successfully advance their personal, professional and academic agendas without limits, the University will offer support with:

  • Insight and advice for securing childcare
  • Guidance and information about enrolment in local schools
  • Opportunities for spouses/partners
  • Physical facilities and infrastructure support
  • Faculty mentors and supervisors
  • Conference participation
  • Research opportunities
  • Incubation for commercialization
  • Inventor-owned IP