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About graduate studies

PhD student working in her lab

With over 5000 registered graduate students and 190 programs, the Graduate Studies Office (GSO) provides support to students, staff and faculty who are engaged with graduate work at the University of Waterloo.

The GSO serves two major functions:

  1. Provides academic support for the Associate Provost, Graduate Studies, including secretariat responsibilities for the Graduate Operations Committee and graduate program reviews (both cyclical reviews, and the Quality Council approval for new graduate programs).
  2. Responsible for registration support including the administrative services and activities related to the provision and maintenance of graduate student records, including recruitment, applications, admission, grade reporting, registration, awards and funding, thesis, convocation, Approved Doctoral Dissertation Supervisor (ADDS)/PhD supervision, Examination Committee Chairs, Graduate Studies Academic Calendar, support of graduate enrolment numbers/targets, liaison with Graduate Student Association (GSA) and graduate program review.

The GSO is the central support unit working in co-operation with Faculties and departments to administer graduate programs, prepare data for internal groups, and submit data to various government and external agencies. The Postdoctoral Office is also co-located with the GSO.