You did it!

Convocation is a special time to celebrate your achievements with your family and friends.

What is convocation?

  • University of Waterloo hosts two convocations per year (spring and fall), in the Physical Activities Complex (PAC) on campus. 
  • Convocation involves a meeting of the whole University community at which symbols are displayed, participants wear special attire to emphasize their official roles, and speakers share their wisdom and the values that the University seeks to teach.
  • The highlight of convocation occurs when graduating students receive their academic hoods, are called to the stage by name and are presented with their official diplomas. 

When is my convocation ceremony?

Convocation ceremonies take place across multiple days, and are organized by faculty. Confirm your ceremony date and time.

What else do I need to know?

Review the convocation checklist (Registrar's Office website) to ensure you are aware of the many details of convocation, including:

  • hood/gown rental/purchase 
  • special seating 
  • photography
  • diploma frames
  • guest parking etc.

How do I order a duplicate or replacement diploma?

Duplicate/Replacement diplomas may be ordered using the Duplicate/Replacement Diploma request (Graduate Studies forms website) 

Duplicate diplomas

  • Duplicate diplomas are identical to replacement diplomas, with the exception of the word "duplicate" which appears at the bottom of the document.
  • You may order as many duplicate copies of your diploma as you require. A statutory declaration (located on the second page of the Request for Duplicate/Replacement Form) is not required for duplicate diploma orders.

Replacement diplomas

  • Original diplomas are replaced in the event that they have been lost, damaged or destroyed. As a University diploma is a legal document, replacement of the original document requires that a Statutory Declaration be witnessed before a Notary Public or Commissioner of Oaths. 
  • There are several Notaries and Commissioners (Office of General Counsel website) on campus who are available to assist you.