Organization of Graduate Studies


Graduate studies began at the University of Waterloo in 1959 with a number of students doing graduate work in Mathematics; one MA and seven MSc degrees were awarded at the first Convocation in 1960. The rapid growth in graduate studies over the next several years led to the appointment of a committee to examine the structure of graduate studies, chaired by T.A. Brzustowski, which reported to Senate in April, 1968. The adoption of that report by Senate established the organization of graduate studies which exists to this day. Many changes have occurred however, since the 1968 report; some of these changes were approved by Senate, others by Senate Graduate and Research Council or by Graduate Operations Committee. It became necessary, therefore, to revise and update the documents pertaining to graduate studies. In early 1995 three subcommittees of Senate Graduate and Research Council were established to review the organization and regulations regarding graduate studies, and to produce guidelines relating to graduate student supervision. The content of the original report was divided into organization and regulations. The present report, which deals with the organization of graduate studies, follows a similar format to the 1968 report, with three additional sections: Graduate Officer, Graduate Operations Committee, and Graduate Student Association. Other sections have been updated and revised to reflect changes approved in the past two decades. In some cases, changes were recommended by the subcommittee following its review. The work of the academic administrators, students and staff who helped with the preparation of this document is greatly appreciated.

 Approved by Senate in April 1996.  Revisions approved by Senate in February 1997, February 1999, June 2010, June 2015.