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Future Forward

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Future forward #solvebig

Canada’s most successful software company presents a FREE day-long opportunity for university students looking to solve big problems for big companies in the growing $400 billion global industry of Enterprise Software.

Future Forward is designed for attendees to gain a grasp of the fascinating opportunities in a space poised to take a giant leap forward in an era of accelerated innovation, artificial intelligence, and mobile.

The day will include inspiring and informative sessions using a TED Talk style format. Topics include problem solving, new technology, and the keys to building a great career.

There will be opportunities to connect with industry professionals, subject matter experts and entrepreneurs on the expo floor at OpenText’s annual user conference: Enterprise World.

In addition, students can apply for one of five paid internship opportunities exclusively available to Future Forward attendees. There will be opportunities for professional networking, plus a photographer will be available to create digital headshots for your online profile.

Learn more here.

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