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Watcard/Upass activation deadline is Sept 28

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Watcard/UPass Deadline:

The Watcard Office has been transitioning the previous version of the Watcard to a Tap-Card since the fall 2017 term.  Students have been urged to exchange their old card with a new tap card.  The deadline for accepting the "old" watcard as the GRT UPass will expire on September 28, 2018.  We urge grad students to convert their cards to the tap-Watcard before this deadline.  The tap card will indicate that the student holds a valid (or not valid) Watcard/UPass.  No other information is transmitted to the tap card reader.
Please note: GRT transit drivers may confiscate your watcard, and will ask that you pay the fare after the deadline.

Your watcard may not tap properly. The Watcard may be faulty, the reader may not be reading the card correctly or you may not eligible or included in the UPass program. 

Bus Pass - GRT Upass

Full-time graduate students registered in "on-campus" courses on the Waterloo main campus and campuses in the Region of Waterloo are charged a mandatory non-refundable fee for the Grand River Transit (GRT) Universal bus pass (Upass). The Upass fee is assessed per term for the academic year of September 1 to August 31. The fee is included in the "GSA Administered Fees" component on your student financial statement on QuestGSA Fees Chart

Graduate students enrolled in part-time studies voted to be exempt from the mandatory fee when the UPass was initiated with GRT. This exemption is included in the GSA-GRT contract.

The UPass capability on the tap Watcard is based on your program and enrollment status.

At this time the GSA is not able to approve an opt-in for individual students in part-time studies.

Your WatCard is your Upass.

For bus schedules visit the GRT website.

The above message as posted to the Graduate Student Association mailman list on Friday, September 21, 2018.

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