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As a graduate student writing a thesis, please ensure that you review the thesis regulations, along with information on preparing your thesis, and submitting your thesis.

A thesis embodies the results of a student's research program and exposes the work to scholarly criticism. It is prepared under the supervision of a faculty member. The thesis must represent a single body of work, with integrated material, and the thesis should not be solely a collection of published articles.

The thesis itself becomes the property of the University but other concurrent forms of publication are allowed. There is no restriction on the use in the thesis of material that has already been published by the student provided that this published material describes work done during the graduate student's enrolment at the University of Waterloo. In some cases, where copyright material is used, the author's written permission must be obtained. For detailed copyright information, visit the copyright section web page. The use of external laboratories or other facilities for research contributing to the thesis may be allowed with the prior approval of the department and Faculty.

Upcoming deadlines

August 31: GSO/UWSpace thesis approval for Fall Convocation

September 28: GSO/UWSpace thesis approval for 100% tuition refund

October 26: GSO/UWSpace thesis approval for 50% tuition refund