​GRADventure is a central hub of professional development resources designed specifically for graduate students at the University of Waterloo. It is offered by Graduate Studies and Postdoctoral Affairs, in collaboration with campus partners. 

Whether you are pursuing an academic or non-academic career, or you're still exploring your career options, we've got you covered.

GRADventure is a "one-stop shop," where you'll find relevant resources, special events listings, and details about upcoming workshops that were designed for you. We know that graduate students have unique needs when it comes to professional development; that's why GRADventure events and resources are open exclusively to graduate students (and usually postdocs).  

Explore our offerings, which are organized into three series — inquire, connect, and strategize — to focus on skills most important to your unique professional development needs. Or, jump right to our events, below, and join us for an event coming up soon. 

  1. Sep. 25, 2018Essentials of productive team (Mitacs)

    Recognize and utilize the skills of others to achieve workplace goals quickly while gaining the understanding of what it takes to lead and participate in a truly effective work team that meets deadlines and sees results.

    Covering topic areas including, essentials of team building, creating a team action plan, clarifying roles, and understanding conflict within teams, you will learn key steps and competencies in building effective teams, how to manage barriers to team success and best practices of team communication. 

    **Please note that this workshop is taking place off campus at the Albert McCormick Community Centre in Waterloo. Please see the Mitacs event page for further information.

    Additional information: Registration required.

  2. Sep. 25, 2018Say it in your own words: Paraphrase and summary for grad students

    Academic integrity requires that you paraphrase and summarize other people’s work. Through hands-on practice, you will learn these skills and how to integrate your supporting research for improved credibility.

    Additional information: Registration required.

  3. Sep. 25, 2018Workplace Best Practices, including Boardroom SavvyProfessionals in a meeting

    Are you interested in elevating your workplace effectiveness? Join us for a professional development session on Workplace Best Practices and learn the key skills to help you successfully navigate the work environment and enhance your success.

    Additional details: Lunch will be provided, and registration is required.

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  1. Sep. 5, 2018Failing to plan? Planning to fail? Person writing plans in notebook

    There are two questions, which out of common courtesy, one should never ask a graduate student: “when will you finish” and “what are your plans after graduation”. The latter is more dreaded (…and trust me, with good reason).

  2. July 30, 2018Saying No Can Let You Do So MuchFeet on both sides of a field boundary line

    This blog post originally appeared on the University of Waterloo Alumni blog

    One of the hardest things to learn is setting boundaries: How often do you say yes to a request, only to walk away, grumbling you should have said no?

  3. July 10, 2018How are you planning your professional development activities?Phones open to calendars sitting beside a paper calendar

    Have you ever found yourself thinking that you need to start engaging in professional development activities, but feel so overwhelmed because you have no idea where to start? If this is you, I have the perfect resource for you.

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