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Our offerings are organized into three series: the connect series, the inquire series, and the strategize series. Explore the skills in each theme, and find workshops and resources that will help you to develop those skillsets.

By the time you leave Waterloo with your graduate degree in hand, we hope that GRADventure will have helped you to become:

  • enthusiastic about your career prospects
  • confident in how your skills translate to several different contexts
  • prepared to succeed in non-academic professional roles and in academic contexts 
  • capable of communicating your value and skills to diverse employers


connect seriesIn what ways do graduate students connect with others, both within and outside higher education? GRADventure offers grad students several ways to develop their skills related to the "connect" theme, including:

  • Teaching
  • Oral and written communication
  • Presentation 
  • Knowledge translation

Past events within the connect series have included:

  • Skills of communication
  • Classroom delivery skills
  • Grad writing café
  • Translating academic experience to industry for PhDs and postdocs
  • Non-academic career conference

Explore our upcoming connect workshops.

Can't make it to a connect event this month? You have access to MyGradSkills.ca where you can complete online modules when and where it suits you! Check out a connect themed MyGradSkills.ca module, such as:

  • Academic and professional communication for new researchers
  • Lesson Planning
  • The versatile graduate: Exploring diverse career paths for PhDs


inquire seriesOur "inquire" series of events and resources are skills that you use regularly as a graduate student, but which are also highly valued in other contexts. Our inquire series will help you to develop skills related to:

  • Research (including responsible conduct of research)
  • Information management
  • Methods
  • Ethics 

Past workshops and events in the inquire series include:

  • Literature review for grad students
  • Author’s rights and your research
  • Submitting for publication
  • Research matters: Copyright, intellectual property, commercialization, and negotiating authorship

Find current workshops and events tagged as part of the inquire series.

Need help with inquire skills before the next workshop? Create a MyGradSkills.ca account for free and discover inquire themed online modules right now! Related courses include:

  • Understanding and avoiding plagiarism
  • Research management
  • Intellectual Property: An entrepreneur’s guide


strategize seriesOur "strategize" workshops and resources will help you develop skills that will put you ahead in your career and in your professional life. This series will allow you to develop skills related to:

  • Professional competence
  • Career development
  • Personal effectiveness 
  • Leadership/management

Past workshops and events in the strategize series include:

  • Essentials of productive teams
  • Research statements for academic job applications
  • Statements of teaching philosophy
  • Writing cover letters for graduate students and postdocs

Explore our upcoming strategize events and resources.

Is your busy schedule keeping you away from campus during the next strategize workshop? Access MyGradSkills.ca to complete online modules at the office, at home, or on the road! Start one of these strategize themed modules today:

  • Entrepreneurship and new venture creations
  • Foundations of community engagement
  • Non-academic work search
  • Converting a CV to a resume