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Grebel has an enthusiastic residence community on the campus of the University of Waterloo! Join this enthusiastic community of people who are dedicated to making Grebel an amazing place to live and grow. Meet some of Grebel's current students. Take a tour. Discover leadership opportunities at Grebel. Apply now to live in the residence.

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Study with and get to know professors in a community-oriented learning environment. Grebel administers the Music and Peace and Conflict Studies departments at University of Waterloo, and offers additional undergraduate courses in Arts, History, Mennonite Studies, Philosophy, Religious Studies, and Sociology. Grebel also offers two Master's level graduate programs in Theological Studies and Peace and Conflict Studies.

Making Space for Community

Grebel has embarked on a project to expand the kitchen and renovation the dining room. Construction started in April 2019 and is anticipated to finish in the fall of 2020. Learn more about this exciting endeavor and see how you can get involved in the Fill the Table capital campaign!

  1. Oct. 27, 2020The power of music on emotions, stress, and mental health
    Cameron Slipp playing piano

    Good mental health is achieved through many habits like a healthy diet, exercise, connecting with others, expressing emotions in constructive ways, and the list goes on. Many of these habits can involve creating or listening to music.

  2. Oct. 22, 2020Innovative SARS CoV2 Screening Pilot Project
    Colin Friesen holding his swab sample

  3. Oct. 1, 2020Keeping Community at the Centre
    Grebel Students Social Distancing

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  1. Oct. 28, 2020Noon Hour Concert: The Road to Peace
    railway sculpture

    The Road to Peace: A Reflection on the Relocation of the Russian Mennonites is a composition by Professor Emeritus Leonard Enns
    Here are his notes:  

  2. Nov. 4, 2020Noon Hour Concert: noondaagochige
    Olivia Shortt

    Olivia Shortt, saxophonist.  

  3. Nov. 11, 2020Noon Hour Concert: The Path before Me - A Woman's Journey (PREMIERE)
    composer, singer, pianist

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