2017-18 Annual Report | Conrad Grebel University College


Our founding president, J. Winfield Fretz, continues to be a source of wisdom for us at Conrad Grebel University College. One of Fretz’s many qualities was plain, straightforward communication. He had a knack for quickly coming to the point of any agenda—a gift for brevity. 

It’s in this spirit that we offer Grebel’s 2017-18 Annual Report—a short document presenting our simplified financial statements, statistics on our educational and residence programs, and other data about the life of the College this year. 

These basic facts give us much to be thankful for. For example, our financial statements once again show a modest surplus. Donations, along with the number of donors, increased substantially, and more financial aid went to more students than ever before. On behalf of everyone at Grebel, we thank our many supporters for their commitment to the College, which enables our vision, mission, and work.

We know that numbers and statistics do not tell the whole story, and perhaps not even the most important parts of the story. There is a living community behind the numbers: inspiring students, dedicated staff, gifted faculty, generous donors, interesting alumni, enriching programs, and committed partners. For further insight into College life, we invite you to read our magazine Grebel Now. Twice a year, Grebel Now offers a fascinating window on College life—our scholarship, our programs, and our people. 

Brevity is not the only thing to be learned from Winfield Fretz. We think his comments about the importance of integrity (quoted right) touch the heart of what Grebel’s annual report should be: facts presented simply, truthfully, and transparently. We trust that this report demonstrates that we share Winfield’s commitment to integrity. 

Marcus Shantz

Jim Tiessen
Chair, Board of Governors

Read the complete Annual Report (PDF)

Read the complete Annual Report (PDF)

2017-18 Annual Report | Conrad Grebel University College

2017-18 Conrad Grebel Annual Financial Reports (PDF)

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“Of all human virtues, the principle of integrity is among the foremost, in my scale of value. This I believe, because genuine integrity tends to be close to or identical with reality. Integrity and truth are equals.”~J. Winfield Fretz Founding President 1963-73