When a group of church and business leaders took up the invitation to establish a Mennonite liberal arts college on the campus of the fledgling University of Waterloo almost 50 years ago, even these visionaries could hardly have imagined its potential. 

The original building, opened in 1964 for 106 students, has since been expanded to accommodate 174 residents, including the apartments built in 2003. Each year, staff in Student Services relate to more than twice that number of residence and associate students, including those living off campus, each year.

The college offered two courses in the first year of teaching in 1963-64, with a total enrolment of 38. Last year over 4,100 undergraduates were enrolled in 139 Grebel courses, more than three quarters of them in Music and Peace and Conflict Studies (PACS). About 450 students joined one of four musical ensembles offered each term and the Certificate Program in Conflict Mediation registered more than 550 participants.

At the graduate level, 22 students were enrolled in Theological Studies, almost half of them full time. Grebel administers the Toronto Mennonite Theological Centre at the Toronto School of Theology. A Masters in PACS is projected to begin in Fall 2012.

Community education resources and opportunities in various disciplines abound at Grebel. The College operates the Mennonite Archives of Ontario and our Mennonite Studies program is poised to grow. You’ll read much more about these and other programs and activities in the pages that follow.

All of this is but a prelude to the next exciting chapter in the college’s story. That’s why the fundraising campaign for a major expansion of our academic spaces is called “The Next Chapter” campaign. It includes plans for enlarging the library, building a new archive, expanding Music, PACS, and graduate studies facilities, enhancing other academic spaces, and creating a new main entry. These capital improvements are critical for the future as we look beyond the College’s 50th anniversary in 2013. In the words of the familiar hymn,

From the past will come the future.

But we do well to be mindful of the caution offered by James Duderstadt in A University for the 21st Century. He writes:

We must take care not to simply extrapolate from the past, but rather to examine the full range of possibilities for the future.

Notwithstanding all that has been accomplished, there are tremendous new opportunities awaiting the college even as it moves through a time of significant leadership and faculty transition, undertakes a major capital expansion, and envisions the future of both the academic and residence programs for its sixth decade and beyond. Now is the time to move forward and build on the successes of the past.

Conrad Grebel University College stands at an exciting threshold. The founders would be pleased to know what has come of their vision and that bold initiative half a century ago!

Henry Paetkau, President

Board Report

This year has been one of critical board decisions that focused on the presidential transition and the capital campaign. In the midst of these key governance issues was regular business and reporting, and I am grateful for board members who also sit on sub-committees and helped with the extra efforts that this year’s agenda included.

Henry Paetkau decided in May 2010 to complete his second term as president on June 30, 2011. Henry’s 8.5 year tenure has been characterized by stability, growth, and increased support. Stability is proven by balanced budgets, solid leadership, and growth in our residence and academic programs. The agreement to receive government funding for the Theological Studies program was a monumental turning-point. Increased donor support has been key to the college’s success, with over $10 million in gifts and pledges secured during Henry’s time in office. 

In 2006 the board and key supporters created a strategic plan and Henry has worked tirelessly to implement this plan. Each of the six key priorities has been accomplished.

  1. A renewed mission, vision and identity statement.
  2. Faculty replacement strategy and key new hires made (Suderman, Bergen, and Osborne).
  3. New graduate funding agreement with University of Waterloo for Theological Studies and plans in place for a new master of PACS.
  4. Renewed student leadership and experiential learning opportunities with Live/Learn programs and revitalized Student Services program initiatives.
  5. Library & Archives renewal with the appointment of Laureen Harder-Gissing as Archivist-Librarian and plans for constructing new Library & Archive facilities.
  6. Approval of a $6.3 million addition to the academic building with Architecture Incorporated and Nith Valley Construction leading the project and an active Building Committee at the helm.

In June 2010, the board initiated a search process and at its March 10 meeting the board received and acted on their recommendation to call Susan Schultz Huxman to the role of president effective July 1, 2011. Dr. Huxman and her family visited Grebel in April 2011 and were introduced to Grebel faculty, staff, and larger community. We are excited about this appointment and owe a debt of gratitude to the Search Committee.

The board deliberations on the proposed capital project were critical in shaping the impending addition to our academic building. Susan Taves, Arnie Dyck, and Lynn Yantzi provided leadership on the Facilities Task Force which sat with administrators at the college to work with the architects to bring an exciting building proposal to the board. This project will define the next years of the college and the Board enthusiastically supported “The Next Chapter” fundraising campaign.

The priorities for 2011-12:

  • Engage the opportunities which transition brings: a new president, new faculty, and new board officers.
  • Initiate a strategic planning process for the period 2012-17.
  • Initiate a review of existing Board policy related to governance.
  • Successfully complete “The Next Chapter” capital campaign.
  • Carefully monitor the new construction project.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve on the board of Conrad Grebel University College these past 7 years. Our mission is clear and the opportunities are there. God’s speed as you continue this good work.
- Albert C. Lobe, Board Chair

Undergraduate activity


The Music program has had an average of 79 students as majors, minors, or diploma students each year over the past 5 years, with hundreds of others taking courses. In 2010-11 there were 11 graduates with a Music major. There were many opportunities for the college and broader community to participate in and enjoy music. About 450 people were members of the various music ensembles (Chamber Choir, Chamber Instrumental Ensemble, Stage Band, and University Choir) and nearly 1,500 guests attended the 10 concerts. In addition, the Chapel Choir sang regularly at in Grebel Chapel services, and participated in two local church worship services and at two special events on campus. There were also 11 music recitals by Music students. A new initiative, High School Choral Day, attracted about 250 enthusiastic students from Region of Waterloo last fall. 

Other highlights include:

  • 12 Noon Hour Concerts by a wide variety of extraordinarily gifted musicians,
  • a conference on the composer Gustav Mahler,
  • newly initiated East-West concert series, and
  • nominating renowned French pianist and recording artist, Jean-Philippe Collard, for an honorary doctorate.

Chapel Choir with Vincent Kong at the far right of the photo.

Vincent Kong (far right of the photo) came to Waterloo to study Mathematics and Accounting and, in his third year, discovered Music at Grebel.

The first words I sang with the Chapel Choir last September hold special significance for me: ‘Locus iste, a deo factus est.’ ‘This place was made by God.’ I switched programs in a leap of faith and the past year has undoubtedly been my best. The story of my program switch is a story of God’s providence and of the fantastic community at Grebel, thanks to the faculty and staff, the residents and students, and generous donors.
- Vincent Kong.

Peace and Conflict Studies

Peace and Conflict Studies continues to attract more interest and impacts many Waterloo students. In the past 6 years, course enrolment has grown by more than 56%, the total number of students in a PACS program is up by over 70%, and there has been a sevenfold increase in those who have chosen PACS as a major.

PACS offers a "Professional Development Course Module on Conflict Resolution" for co-op students. When this course was first introduced in 2008, 69 students were enrolled. Just 3 years later, the enrolment is almost 12 times the original at 806. There clearly is widespread and sustained interest in peace and conflict issues among students.

Program initiatives and highlights included Master of Peace and Conflict Studies (MPACS) planning with tentative launch for 2012, and the establishment of the Centre for the Study of Religion and Peace (CSRP) in November.

Building on experiential learning, alternate academic projects, and community engagement activities, 6 students participated in the PACS' "Field Studies" experience, two with Mennonite Central Committee (MCC) Serving And Learning Together (SALT) in Bolivia, one MCC SALT in Israel, another in Uganda, and two with local agencies.

PACS faculty experimented with unconventional assignments. This year, a group of 4 students created a drama describing issues faced by refugees in Canada. The play, entitled “Open?” was performed on campus and then rewritten for a public performance to a packed house in April which also served as a fundraiser for the Mennonite Coalition for Refugee Support.


Thank you, Grebel faculty, for your willingness to be more than lecturers; for being friends and mentors as well,

graduating student Ben White commented in his year-end reflections. 

These ‘friends and mentors’ include 12 full-time and 17 part-time faculty who taught undergraduate courses last year. In addition, there were 17 studio and 4 part-time ensemble instructors in Music. 

Grebel faculty taught 4,110 undergraduate students in 2010-11, an increase of 5.6% over 2009-10 and the first time more than 4,000 students have enrolled in Grebel courses. This is the second consecutive year of larger than usual enrolment increases, higher than University of Waterloo’s, and it is mostly the result of the widespread interest in the college’s PACS and Music programs. 


Jeremy Bergen

Jeremy Bergen 
Authored a book, “Ecclesial Repentance: The Churches Confront Their Sinful Pasts”, and presented on that topic at the Confessing in Faith conference.

Len EnnsLen Enns
Composed three major commissioned pieces, including “Ten Thousand Rivers of Oil” for choir, organ, flute, oboe, cello, timpani, percussion, harp.

Marlene EppMarlene Epp 
Presented “Recipes for Religion: Foodways, Cookbooks and Mennonite Identity”  to the Canadian Society for Church History, SSHRC Congress.

Lowell EwertLowell Ewert
Spoke at various community events, volunteered with MCC Circles of Accountability and Support, and put considerable time and effort into developing the MPACS program.

Hildi Froese TiessenHildi Froese Tiessen 
Served on many advisory boards and with Paul Tiessen was pleased that their book, “Woldemar Neufeld’s Canada”, was presented by the Governor General as a gift to the Queen.

Carol Ann WeaverCarol Ann Weaver
Spent a six-month sabbatical in South Africa and composed an orchestral piece, “Kgalagadi Call”, inspired by South African wildlife and landscapes.

Tom Yoder NeufeldTom Yoder Neufeld
Presented “A Mennonite View of Grace” at the Confessing in Faith: Healing between Lutherans and Mennonites conference.

Nathan FunkNathan Funk
Presented “Peace Starts Now: Religious Contributions to Sustainable Peacemaking” as the 2010 Benjamin Eby Lecturer at Conrad Grebel.

Laura GrayLaura Gray
Was recognized by the Faculty of Arts for the fourth year in a row as having a significant impact on the Music Department Award winner.

Ken HullKenneth Hull
Ken Hull conducted a 2nd season of Spiritus Ensemble and was appointed convenor of a committee to produce a new hymn book supplement for the Anglican Church of Canada.

James PankratzJames Pankratz
Gave 6 sermons and had his review of “A President’s Journey: The Memoirs of Henry Poettcker” by Henry Poettcker published in the Mennonite Historian.

Arnold SnyderArnold Snyder
Gave the Associated Mennonite Biblical Seminary commencement address and continued work on The Global Mennonite History project.

Derek SudermanDerek Suderman
Presented a number of papers including “The Rhetorical Function of Social Address in Individual Complaint Psalms” in Fribourg, Switzerland.


Theological Studies

Graduate Theological Studies

A review of the Theological Studies (TS) program by the University of Waterloo was completed last year. The reviewers gave the program the highest rating, noting that it is well aligned with the college’s mission, the academic quality of new students is high, the faculty are well-qualified, and graduates find appropriate employment or opportunities for advanced studies. 

The overall TS enrolment was lower than in recent years due to last year’s large graduating class. About 50% of students studied full-time, 20% part-time, and 30% were inactive. Most of the part-time and inactive students are involved in professions, with most in pastoral leadership. The program hopes to grow to about forty students with an equal proportion of full-time and part-time students. Five of the full-time faculty and five part-time instructors taught graduate Theological Studies. 

Toronto Mennonite Theological Studies

Christina Reimer served enthusiastically and capably as Toronto Mennonite Theological Studies (TMTC) Coordinator, building on the momentum established in the previous year. About 15 students constitute the core group.

There were 5 Scholars Forums at which students presented and discussed their research. A women’s group met monthly to discuss academic work and other topics. Social events at the beginning and end of the year helped create and celebrate the scholarly community. A small group is planning the next North American Graduate Student Conference to be held at Conrad Grebel on August 5-7, 2011 on the theme, “Life, Land and Community.”

The TMTC Now newsletter featured a brief tribute to TMTC founder, A. James Reimer, who passed away in August, and a review of his posthumously published book, Christians and War. Sarah Freeman, a TMTC alumna, will assume the duties of coordinator as well as editorship of the  Anabaptist-Mennonite Scholars Network Newsletter for 2011-12.

Community education

Public lectures

  • The Centre for the Study of Religion and Peace was launched with a lecture by Luis Lugo of the Pew Forum.
  • Donald Kraybill, Distinguished Professor at Elizabethtown College, Pennsylvania, delivered the Rodney and Lorna Sawatsky Visiting Scholar Lecture on "Forgiveness in the Face of Tragedy: Amish Grace at Nickel Mines"
  • Roger Epp, Dean and Professor of Political Studies at the Augustana Campus, University of Alberta, delivered the Bechtel Lectures in Anabaptist/Mennonite Studies on the theme, “We are all Treaty People.”
  • 6 Faculty Fellows Forums intended for professional and personal enrichment and provide a forum for Grebel faculty to share research and for guest speakers to engage the Grebel community in dialogue.

Library & Archives

Students in Marlene Epp's Mennonite History class undertook assignments that exposed them to archival materials.Archivist/Librarian Laureen Harder-Gissing spent significant portions of her time developing the schematic design for “The Next Chapter” building project. 

John Good is completing 34 years as Library Assistant, providing front-line services to patrons and behind-the-scenes support. Ruth Steinman continues as Assistant Librarian.

Through the generosity of a donor, the library purchased a 1,525 biography of Thomas Müntzer attributed to Phillip Melanchthon, the only print copy in Canada. The library also received a donation of a rare 1748 “Ephrata” Martyr’s Mirror.

In addition to regular accruals, several notable collections were added to the archives:

  • Susan Oesch Oesch Kipfer. A diary of life in the Zurich, Ontario area from 1943-1988.
  • Letters written when David K. Jantzi was a C.O. in World War II.
  • Alice Snyder’s letters from Germany published by Lucille Marr and 320 colour slides from Germany and Palestine/Israel.
  • Letters written by Helena Pauls, Russian Mennonite immigrant to Canada in 1923.
  • The account book of Josiah S. Moyer of the Breslau area in the 1880s.
  • A copy of Anna Wiebe’s manuscript history of the Mennonite Brethren in Ontario.
  • Mennonite Central Committee Ontario Southeast Asian Refugee Oral History Project was opened for access.

There were 178 on-site visits to the archives in 2010. A congregational historians workshop attended by 35 people was held in conjunction with the Mennonite Historical Society of Ontario.

Conflict Management Certificate Program

In the past year the Program sponsored 39 workshops with 557 participants, and had 35 graduates completing full certificates in Mediation, Project Management, and Congregational Leadership. Once again the program, under the capable leadership of Susan Baker, ended the year with a healthy financial surplus. 

Of the three streams offered, Mediation is the most popular. This stream trains and educates participants in alternate styles of mediation such as Transformative Mediation, Narrative Mediation, and Circle Processes - a new workshop.

The Congregational Leadership stream, now in its third year, is becoming established as a recognized program of merit within the church community, and is primarily attended by clergy.

Spiritual and Aging

Marianne Mellinger’s research included a Spiritual Assessment form for use in Long Term Care facilities. She also worked on a Multi-Faith Resources Handbook.

Mellinger taught “Spirituality and Aging” in the TS program. This course includes a practicum in which students meet with a senior for 10 hours during the term to listen for the spiritual themes and the effect of spirituality in the life of their senior partner. The fifth annual Spirituality and Aging lecture was held in November. Guest speaker George Handzo focused on integrating spiritual care from an institutional perspective.

The Conrad Grebel Review

Jeremy Bergen continues as Academic Editor and Stephen Jones as Managing Editor. The Review provides a forum for articles of Mennonite interest by established scholars and graduate students, for Grebel’s Eby and Bechtel lectures, for occasional special theme issues, and for book reviews. It is a significant component of Grebel’s scholarly mandate.

There are about 200 individual and institutional subscribers to the journal, though readership is considerably broader. Many people access past articles on the journal website and many more now access the journal through ATLA (American Theological Library Association).

Menn​onite Studies

Initial steps were taken to establish an advisory committee, develop guidelines for the directorship of the program, and define the mandate of “Mennonite Studies”.

Significant activities included:

  • Completion of the second phase of the oral history project of the college.
  • Planning for a Conrad Grebel University College's 50th anniversary history book. 
  • A lecture by Hildi Froese Tiessen on the art and friendships of Mennonite artist, Woldemar Neufeld.
  • Funding for On spirituality: Essays from the third Shi’i Muslim Mennonite Christian Dialogue, eds. M. Darrol Bryant, A. James Reimer, and Susan Kennel Harrison.

Grebel life

Reaching out

Alumni activities

The 1995-2000 era reunion was held on September 25, 2010. Over 100 adults and 49 children attended this family focused event. Other gatherings this year included:

  • A joint University of Waterloo/Conrad Grebel University College event at the Waterloo Region Museum with Grebel alumni, Dave Neufeld (‘78) and Brian Rudy (‘89).
  • A lunch for Grebel alumni who work at University of Waterloo
  • Two events in Toronto: a play by alumni John Wideman (‘09) and a book launch by retired Music professor Helen Martens.

This year’s Distinguished Alumni Service Award was presented to Betty Pries (Master of Theological Studies, ‘05), mediator and PACS instructor. Grebel nominated Steve McDowell, Director of the Phipps School of Communication at Florida State University, for a University of Waterloo Arts in Academics Award.

Wendy Cressman-Zehr continues in her role as Alumni Committee chair and board representative. It’s worth noting that “Conrad Grebel UC” now has 965 Friends on Facebook!

Communication & Marketing

This past year we produced 12 press releases, some 140 graphic design projects including posters, advertisements, programs, brochures, and newsletters, and maintained over 800 webpages that received approximately 400,000 page views.

The college established a Matching Student Aid Fund to match up to $500 of congregational support for Mennonite students per year.


Meg Bauman visited youth pastors and 23 schools in Ontario, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan. Personal communication was offered to all prospective students met during all recruitment activities.

Student Ambassadors Ellery Penner, Dani Hoover, Vicki Groh, and Josh Rasera helped with events and tours, and helped lead a Winter Youth Retreat, an Mennonite Church Eastern Canada (MCEC) youth event, and an event for first generation youth from non-Anglo Mennonite congregations, a demographic not currently well represented at the college.


The Spring 2010 residence occupancy of 52 was the highest in the history of the college and 28 of these students returned for Winter 2011 and another 4 returned to the apartments. 

The 2010-11 admissions season began with 62 upper year students contracted to return, leaving 80 beds available. This was the first admissions season outside of the University of Waterloo guaranteed ranking system and despite this, there was a good selection and acceptance rate. 

Director of Student Services, Mary BrubakerZehr, and Chaplain Ed Janzen, spent considerable time drafting a new mission statement. Along with some board members and students, they also spent time brainstorming about the future of Student Services.

Student awards play a significant role in student recruitment and retention. Last year, some 50 students were granted a total of $43,592.

Orientation Week 2010 familiarized students with Grebel and built community among new students, returning students, faculty and staff. Unhooked from the university’s activities, leaders planned a myriad of fun and entertaining events to fit our schedule and character, including student/faculty/staff receptions, commencement, small group time with the president, and the annual All-College Retreat.

In an invitation that was well received and resulted in significantly greater off-campus associate participation, off-campus associates were invited to bring their own dinners to Community Supper. The engagement of these students is enormously valuable.

Fernand Havugimana and Saida Sheikh, refugee students sponsored by World University Service of Canada Waterloo and Grebel, remained at the college for a second year.

Chapel program​

Several student-initiated discussion groups emerged throughout the year. Tea time with Ed continued throughout the fall term, with the focus on Leviticus 18 and Romans 1. This branched into broader discussions on homosexuality and sexuality in general. During winter term, Ed worked with two young men to organize a Men’s Group that addressed issues of pornography. He also spent considerable time offering pastoral care and counseling to students, provided a number of marriage preparation sessions, and participated in the weddings of two Grebel couples.

Fall and winter Chapel services focused on lectionary texts in Luke and the Psalms, respectively. These texts provided a rich resource for worship and spiritual growth. Ed also assisted a small group of students with planning a worship service that was offered in two MCEC congregations.

Some 30 students participated in the annual Winter Chapel Retreat where they heard the faith journey of Dr. Derek Suderman. Ed also joined more than 40 students on a Reading Week service trip to Alabama and New Orleans.

Students gathering outside Grebel during Orientation Week 2010.

Fiscal matters


This year a great deal of time and energy was invested in preparing and executing a major capital campaign. Annual Fund revenue fell slightly to $355,085, though the number of donors rebounded to 578, comparable to the level of several years ago. Some Annual Fund gifts are being channeled into the capital campaign, most at a significantly higher level.

The total number of donors grew to 853, an increase of 8.7% from last year and a return to pre-recession levels. The number of lost donors was similar to previous years while the number of new donors grew significantly. Many of these were memorial gifts following the death of retired professor Jim Reimer in August 2010 and the final concert by Five on the Floor with proceeds of $5,521 for TMTC.

Particularly gratifying is the growing financial support of parents, with a participation rate of 22% and a total of $21,706 donated, a significant increase from the 14% participation rate last year. Also noteworthy is alumni support, which accounted for 35% of donations last year and $324,107, up from 28% and $246,053 in the previous year.

Leadership from board and college council is stellar with 100% participation! We hosted 5 donor recognition events of various kinds throughout the year.

Accountant Sara Cressman reports that the market value of Grebel investments had recovered to 98.7% of book value as of April 30. Market value of college endowments stands at $2,445,011 for student awards and $2,184,049 for programs for a total portfolio of $4,629,060.

A bar graph showing a healthy increase in investment towards Grebel after a significant drop in 2008-2009.An additional $22,297 was generated in matching bursary funds and grants for Solar Grebel.

The Next Chapter

Good novels, [notes Development Director Fred Martin,] include interesting characters, intriguing plots, and chapters that begin in hope and end with suspense. This literary theme is an apt way to describe this past year at the college. We anticipate changes in lead characters, plot developments in programs and facilities, and setting the stage to write another chapter in our history.

In the fall of 2009 the board appointed Lillepold Dowling Architects from Cambridge and Schwarz/Silver of Boston to undertake an Architectural Feasibility Study for a major capital expansion. On the basis of their report in February 2010, these two firms were retained last June to prepare the schematic design for an addition and renovation to include an expanded library, a new facility for the Mennonite Archives of Ontario, additional Music, PACS, and graduate program space, a community education room, and a larger, more inviting entry.

A Task Force of administrators and board members was appointed to work with the architects on the details of the design. Among the major challenges of assessing program and space priorities was the question of LEED certification. Ultimately the board decided not to pursue LEED due to the cost of certification but rather to incorporate energy efficiencies and environmentally friendly features where possible.

A CAD drawing/design of the planned new building at Conrad Grebel University College.

The projected budget of $5 million included graduate student capital funding, pending a federal grant for the Archives, reserve funds, and a $3.7 million capital campaign. The Capital Campaign Advisory Committee, established in September, began active solicitation of major donors when the board approved a silent campaign at its October meeting. When the cost consultants reviewed the proposed design later that fall, they assessed it at almost $7 million, including 25% for soft costs, well over the $5 million budget. Cost cutting measures reduced the estimated cost to $6.3 million, including $5 million for construction and $1.3 million for soft costs. The board ultimately approved this budget in February 2011.

The board also appointed a Building Committee at that time. The Building Committee immediately issued a Request for Proposals (RFP) for a Construction Project Manager and the Board ultimately appointed Nith Valley Construction to oversee the project. Another RFP was published for architectural services and Architecture Incorporated, Architects, who had designed the 2002-03 residence expansion and atrium addition, were selected to prepare construction drawings. “The Next Chapter” capital campaign has generated gifts totaling $422,118 and pledges of $2,572,571, for a total of $2,949,689 as of April 30, 2011, prior to the public launch on May 6. This represents 79.7% of the target of $3.7 million, a clear indication of the strong donor support for Conrad Grebel University College!

Operations and Human Resources

Operations Managers and burglars and have one thing in common [, writes Director of Operations Paul Penner.] They are happiest when they don’t attract attention! The reality is that operations get the greatest scrutiny when things go wrong – when the computer network is down, when toilets don’t flush, when people call in sick, when the sky is falling – so the less people need the Director of Operations, the better.

The college’s achievements are the result of the skills, dedication, and expertise of the people who work and serve here! And our staff offer terrific service, usually accompanied by a quick smile and a warm greeting. This year was marked by considerable transition and change.

  • Pam Bartel replaced Ann Snider as Administrative Assistant to Student Services.
  • Maria Steinman returned as Front Office Receptionist for the fall and winter terms.
  • Christine Matsuda left Grebel in November after some 16 years, much of that time as Administrative Assistant to the Dean and the Director of graduate Theological Studies.
  • Birgit Moscinski arrived on December 13 to fill that vacancy.
  • Jennifer Konkle returned as Communication Coordinator in December after a one-year parental leave and we said farewell to Karl Juhlke, who served capably in her absence.
  • Also in December, Meg Bauman, Recruitment and Events Coordinator, accepted a one-year leave to serve as student life coordinator for undergraduates in the Faculty of Engineering.
  • Rebecca Gibbins, who has a long history as student and staff person in a variety of roles at Grebel, was invited back to fill this vacancy.
  • Elizabeth and Ben Willard, Campus Hosts since June 2008, welcomed baby Logan into their family and apartment in the residence on January 4, 2011. They will be completing their term at the end of May after three years in this role.

"Food, Food, Food"

Loretta Martin, Cheri Otterbein, and Dragica Franjic presenting food cooked at Grebel.In addition to their regular, daily responsibility of feeding Grebel residents, Food Services staff catered 8 banquets serving 1,199 guests, hosted 1,727 guests at a variety of receptions and meals for external groups, and prepared coffee breaks, receptions, and meals for 9,220 people at a variety of college events and activities last year.

Meg Bauman, Conference Coordinator, reported a slight increase in bookings and revenue during the summer conference season. These events allow the college to utilize its facilities year round and add significantly to operating revenue.

Cheri concludes,

Grebel is certainly a unique place to work, and the Food Services staff are part of what makes it special. Each person brings their unique skills and abilities and together we are able to make wonderful things happen and provide excellent food and service to students and guests. I feel very proud and pleased to be part of that team.

Greening Grebel

Each year a variety of initiatives are undertaken to upgrade our aging facilities and become more environmentally friendly.

The “Solar Grebel” project was initiated by students several years ago. A group of students was eager to use their technical skills and book knowledge to make an environmental impact at Grebel, and to learn through the actual process of planning, fundraising, and overseeing such a project. With the assistance of college administrators, they carried out this project from beginning to end. In December, their dream of installing three solar collectors on the roof of the academic building became reality. These units are now preheating the cold water before it enters the college’s domestic hot water supply. The $48,120 cost of the initial installation was covered by donations and grants.

A group photo of Solar Grebel with the solar panels beside them.In September, the college became the first residential institution to join the Green Bin Organic Waste pilot project operated by the Region of Waterloo. In 8 months, almost 10 tons of waste was diverted from the land fill. Students also used a variety of methods to challenge each other to conserve energy and water.

The college became a corporate member of Grand River CarShare, encouraging faculty and staff to use the car located in the college parking lot since 2009 for Grebel business trips.

A number of significant upgrades and repairs were undertaken during the past year, including:

  • renovating three washrooms on the fourth floor of the residence,
  • removing the stage and replacing the carpet in the Chapel, and

  • replacing the exhaust hood in the kitchen.

It is an unfathomable joy to be among a group that spontaneously breaks out in impeccable four-part harmony! But harmony at Grebel goes beyond the music. Our differences are nuanced so that we are more confident in our individual identities, in tune with ourselves, and can harmonize with each other to create a diverse, complementary, and fulfilling landscape.
- Caleb Yeung, BSc 2011


​Arts courses are far and away the most important “service” courses within the university, that is, courses which are taken a electives by students enrolled in other faculties or disciplines. The college has the opportunity to inform and influence many students through their participation in these courses.

 46.5% is in Music, 30.1% is in PACS, 10.5% is in Religious Studies, 9.2% is in History, and 3.7% is in other arts.

Thank you to our donors

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