2018-19 Annual Report


In April 2019, Madeleine Neufeld, Grebel’s Student Council president, put her foot to a spade and broke the first ground for our new kitchen. A few days later, excavators arrived, digging deep holes for the footings and foundation walls of the new structure. Fifty-six years ago, Madeleine’s grandfather, John W. Neufeld, was a member of the first building committee that broke ground at Grebel.

The excavation for the kitchen and dining room project provides a great theme for this year’s Annual Report. Grebel and its people “dug deep,” both literally and in other ways, in 2018-19.

“Digging deep” means working hard, pushing limits, and finding the resources necessary to face an important problem. This past year, the whole Grebel community was challenged to dig deep: to begin a construction project that will cost more than originally forecast, and to balance our operating budget in the face of changes to our funding arrangements. We’re grateful to report that our Board, staff, and faculty were up to the task—as were the College’s generous supporters, who donated more to Grebel in 2018-19 than in any other year in the College’s history. 

“Digging deep” can also mean diligently seeking insight, understanding, and maturity. The analogy of digging as character formation is very old—one of the parables of Jesus suggests that a person, like a building, needs deep foundations. Seeking this kind of depth is at the heart of what we do at Grebel—this year, and every year. It happens in our classrooms, concerts, scholarship, chapel services, and public lectures, and in good conversations around the tables in our dining room. 
On behalf of the Board, we invite you to review this year’s Annual Report, and trust that it provides evidence of depth, character, and hard work here at Grebel. 


Marcus Shantz

Jim Tiessen
Chair, Board of Governors

Read the complete Annual Report (PDF)