2019-20 Annual Report


One of the lessons of the past year is that—despite all of our plans and strategies—the world does not always unfold as we expect. At Grebel, the 2019-20 fiscal year began with an upbeat groundbreaking for Grebel’s new kitchen, and ended with the evacuation of our campus in the face of the global coronavirus pandemic. Now nearing completion, our expanded kitchen and dining facilities were intended to welcome a growing community, but will serve only a limited number of students until public health requirements ease and the College can safely return to full operations. 

Since March, the whole world has grappled with an uncertain new reality that no one had adequately prepared for. At Grebel, the pandemic has meant profound changes to our operations that run against our normal instincts, forcing us to choose social distance over togetherness. We have had to limit access to our campus, instead of offering open doors and hospitality around full tables. 

There is no question that the pandemic has rattled our college community. But it has also revealed our resilience and commitment. Grebel faculty rose to the challenge of connecting digitally with students. Our donors stood by us. And our students resolved to carry on with their studies, learn from the crisis, and imagine a better world. 

For all of us who serve at Grebel, our students have been a source of hope in the face of these uncertain times. They have consistently pointed towards our values—urging us to continue building generous community, pursuing peace and justice, nurturing faith, and extending broad hospitality. Thanks to our students, we’re inspired to carry on and serve church and society in hope and with purpose.


Marcus Shantz

Paul Fieguth
Chair, Board of Governors

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