Here is a sample schedule of a typical day at Ontario Mennonite Music Camp (OMMC). Not all events occur everyday, so the schedule may vary slightly.



What’s involved

7:30 am

Wake up

Opening your eyes and realizing that this is a wonderful day!

8:00 am


In small groups, staff and campers take turns leading the chapels. They choose a topic, pick scripture, and lead music and prayers.

8:15 am


Usually a choice of cold cereal or something hot (eggs, waffles, etc.).

9:00 am


All campers gather in the chapel and sing a variety of chorale music.

9:45 am

Master class

Campers break into groups based on the instrument they play.

11:15 am



12:00 pm


1:00 pm

Musical rehearsal,
Staff seminar,
Planned recreation,
Special activity
or some combination of the above

This time is used for practicing the musical for the final concert, playing camp wide games (like toss the chicken) or a special activity such as candle dipping or helping at the Ten Thousand Villages Warehouse.

3:45 pm

Practice time

Campers use this time to practice their instruments.

4:30 pm

Free time


5:00 pm


Wow! Another round of scrumptious, home-style Grebel food!

6:00 pm

Counseling groups

Counseling groups is a time for interaction between campers and staff in a smaller group setting, including special devotions.

7:00 pm


Throughout the two weeks, campers have the opportunity to hear professional musicians who come and sing and/or play just for OMMC.

7:45 pm

Camp game

Life-size Dutch Blitz, Scavenger Hunt, and more!

8:45 pm


For those who have a burning desire to get smoke in their eyes while singing crazy campfire songs!

9:15 pm


It’s been a while since supper!

9:30 pm



10:00 pm

Lights out

Zzz (Hey! Quit snoring, I’m trying to sleep!).