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About Peace Camp: Detailed Description

Peace Camp is a sPeace Camper Artummer day camp for youth aged 11-14 held at Conrad Grebel University College, where youth explore how to make a difference in their homes, schools and communities through games, sports, arts and crafts that simulate real life situations affecting their worlds.

Peace Camp facilitates hands-on peace building training via group activities that enable youth to learn transferable communication strategies and brainstorming techniques, so that they can understand and subsequently approach problems affecting their and others’ worlds.Peace Campers listening to a tour guide at the Ignatius Jesuit Centre

Day to day and hour to hour, youth engage in a mix of formal and information recreation, that imparts problem solving skills, including peer-to-peer cooperation and self-exploration as well as group-self and self-group awareness.

Peace Campers and Leader making a mind map about good and bad elements of businessYouth participate in exciting camp activities (for example, a garbage bag fashion show and a weird food eating contest) and interactive problem-solving programs (such as a program that simulates a nuclear weapons explosion and a program that gives youth a chance to create skits that respond to a bullying issue at school).

Peace Campers playing Ultimate FrisbeePeace Camp also intersperses camp activities with interactive problem-solving programs. For instance, a traditional camp game – such as Dodge Ball – is amended to include motor skills challenges on how people must move during the course of the game (i.e. everyone must play the game silently, use their non-dominant hand or hop/dance/ skip every time they go to collect a ball) and this is done to facilitate communication skills in an informal context.