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The Peacebuilder's Pluralism Pledge

According to the Canadian Association for Parks and Recreation, it costs “on average 95, 826.37 to imprison a young person for a year” (2005). At Peace Camp and Conrad Grebel University College, we recognize that investment in recreational learning offers a viable alternative and preventative to youth incarceration and the overall problem of youth violence in Canadian society. Our staff team works with young people to develop critical attitudes and life skills that enable healthy physical, social and emotional development over youth’s life spans.

Our camp program is kept at a low cost and camp scholarships are awarded on a needs-basis to allow youth – regardless of their situation – to participate in program. The premise of Peace Camp is the inclusion of all youth in the life of a community; as such, youth are treated as Peacebuilders whose attitudes and actions are integral in the life of a community.

The Pluralism Pledge at Peace Camp

Before youth enter our summer program, we ask them to commit to the following at Peace Camp:

Dialogue and Cooperation: To engage ideas and approaches offered by Peacebuilders, Leader Staff, guest speakers and the Program Coordinator, especially when conflict may arise. To work with Peacebuilders and Peace Camp Leaders in spite of our differences of opinion. To create a safe space where all members of the Peace Camp community can discuss and pursue peace.

Guidance and Mentorship: To aid in the social and emotional development of youth by playing caring and supportive roles as they interact with the material presented at camp. To provide positive role models for youth, by adhering to appropriate camp behaviour, maintaining a supervisory role during program and forging meaningful bonds with Peacebuilders.

Equity and Inclusivity: To ensure that all Peacebuilders and staff have an opportunity to fully participate in daily activities and to help modify activities on a needs basis and solicit the consent and input of individuals of various abilities and needs in terms of what activities they would like to (and would rather not) participate in at camp. To work periodically in consultation with the Peace Camp Coordinator and campers’ families to discuss how Peace Camp can best accommodate youth.

Health and Wellness: To encourage and challenge youth as they explore their interests, abilities and skill sets. To help youth apply principles and practices of peacebuilding for the purpose of developing healthy and safe relationships and connections.

Inspiring Lives and Strengthening Ties: To support the Peace Camp mission of “Inspiring Lives and Strengthening Ties”, by supporting the development of critical attitudes, skills and visions of all people involved in the program. To empower youth to present new ways of thinking about conflict, by pairing them with other youth and individuals/groups.