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Campers sitting in a circle smilingHear what past campers had to say

I learned that thePeace Camp Campers looking at a community gardenre are a lot of things that need attention and help. Peace Camp was meaningful to me because now I know how to help! - 2015 Peace Camper, age 12

At Peace Camp I learned that if we have a goal it is important to work on it and keep trying. We can make a big difference and impact. It's very important to work as a team. - 2015 Peace Camper, age 13

There are ways we can help issues that may seem bigger than us. It’s meaningful because it seems like what we feel and do matter. - 2014 Peace Camper, age 13

I learned how tcampers examining vegetableso speak my opinion on different problems.  - 2014 Peace Camper, age 11

Something I learned from Peace Camp that will stay with me was that a lot of people are different and have different situations and that kind of thing. Some of the things people have to do even to eat for a day. I need to learn not to take so many things for granted. - Peace Camp 2013 Camper, Age 14

Peace Camp made me feel like I new more about the world than when I started. Peace Camp is great fun you make lots of new friends. Peace Camp made me feel great about myself. I can’t wait to come back next year!! :) - Peace Camp 2013 Camper, Age 11

Camper smiling at her friendsI learned that even if you are sick or younger or small you can still make a huge difference. I also learned if you have a lot of junk and or useless things you can make something from it. I also now know what difference one person can make to change the world, like one smile. I also now know how there are so many more people trying to make peace in this world. More than I thought at first. - Peace Camp 2012 Camper, Age 13

The stories really touched my heart and made me think. It really made me thankful for my life and gave me the determination to help change the world. - Peace Camp 2012 Camper, Age 14

campers being interviewed like refugeesI have learned that anything that comes out of the goodness of your heart makes a difference, even the smallest thing. I have learned how to solve problems and to bring peace. Thanks for the great experience – Peace Camp 2011 Camper, Age 13

I have learned that making a difference only starts with one person, to make people aware of polluting the earth, it doesn’t matter how old you are to make a difference and how to solve conflicts or problems – Peace Camp 2011 Camper, Age 12

Girls drawing on a paper

I learned it takes just one person to make a difference – Peace Camp 2011 Camper, Age 15

What I learned about making a difference is that you can make a difference – like buying local good and writing a letter to your MP stating your opinion and mediating – Peace Camp 2011 Camper, Age 13