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Peace Camp Activities

Peace Camp Activities

Peace Camp runs from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm from Monday to Friday. No two days at camp will be the same, but they will all be filled with games, guest speakers, crafts, field trips, and learning how to work for Peace in the Waterloo Region community.

Some of the highlights from previous years include a treasure hunt challenge, a garbage bag slip 'n slide, and our field trip day to visit organizations in the community that are working for peace!

Here are some past activities to give you an idea of what kinds of things we do at camp. You can also see our Campers section to see more details about what happens at Peace Camp!

Egg Drop

Campers were divided into groups and each group was given a bag of materials to build a structure to try to stop an egg from breaking when dropped. The groups had to work together, and were given different challenges, such as they worked, such as not being able to use their hands!

Garbage Bag Fashion Show

Campers were divided into groups, and worked together to dress up the leaders in stylish garbage bag outfits!​

3-Way Capture the Flag

Just like regular Capture the Flag, except there were three flags instead of two.​ Which flag would you have tried to capture?

The Watering Hole

With the discovery of a watering hole in Waterloo, a conflict arose between the Pienuuts and the Jehlees. Campers were divided into two groups​, the Pienuut group and the Jehlee group, and are given time to prepare for a "televised meeting" that took the form of a debate or a Semoan circle.

Handprints for Peace

​Campers used cardboard cut-outs of their hands to decorate T-shirts.

Peace Camp Jeopardy

​A fun game testing camper's knowledge of what they learned, heard, and did during peace camp!