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Chantal HuininkEach year at Peace Camp, guest speakers are invited to come and share their stories of how they work for Peace in the Waterloo region. We love to hear from people who come from many different backgrounds and who can share many different perspectives and ideas. Here are some reflections from our guest speakers:

Johnny Wideman, Theatre of the Beat

It was our pleasure to be part of this summer's Peace Camp at Conrad Grebel. Our workshop on using drama for social change was only one part of the wide variety of activities the kids got to participate in. I only wish there had been something like this around when I was young, it took me way too long to really get involved in active pacifism.

Carly Lomas, Brain Cancer Survivor

The moment I entered Conrad Grebel College's Great Hall, where 24 campers and assorted staff were waiting to greet Peace Camp's latest guest speaker, I was struck by an atmosphere of warmth and welcome. Most of the children were smiling, many looked apprehensive, but all seemed to exhibit an expression of good-natured greeting. The environment invited dialogue, storytelling, and communion. I had long flirted with the idea of speaking about my experiences. This was my first attempt, and I cannot imagine a space more inviting nor an audience more respectful, empathic and attentive. An hour's rapt attention finished with a swarm of earnest questions, smiles and hugs. It was an outstandingly loving environment. It was, all in all, a perfect speaking experience.

Amanda Dinh, WAYVE

This opportunity meant a lot to me because as a WAYVE representative, we learn that a lot of issues that occur with youth start young at the age of the students attending Peace Camp. Its always great to start at the root of the problem! The youth were amazing, first to attend a camp like this is great and they were all so fun and involved! At first as presentators, we were scared that the youth would not be involved but they did the exact opposite. They were all so welcoming, informed of issues in today and interactive. We would play games and have activities and they particapted with no hesitation. Peace Camp is an amazing program and I wish when I was at that age, I could attend something like that!

Kandice Baptiste, Aboriginal Students Recruitment and Retation Officer, Wilfrid Laurier University

I presented a talk to the students titled: Aboriginal Issues in Canada Today. The youth were engaged in my material and felt comfortable to ask questions when they needed clarification. I was happy to present in a space with enthusiastic youth and staff, made for a very enjoyable experience. I thought it was necessary for a peace camp to include an Indigenous perspective that could discuss the importance of helping your own local community and knowing your own history before going out into the rest of the world. Overall, great experience!

Interested in speaking at Peace Camp? Contact the Day Camp Coordinator.

Guest speakers are arranged the May and June before the camp.